Mk. 113: Your Movie of Me

'Your Movie of Me' (watercolor on laid paper)

‘Your Movie of Me’ (watercolor on laid paper)

My attempt (yet again) in doing another human anatomy drawing. Yes folks, I do admit and I’ve mentioned this more than a dozen times that human anatomy is one of my weaknesses when doing drawings and paintings, and even up to this very day I still find myself drawing “deformities” or “monstrosities.”

But I still find the time to practice as much as I can to come up with decent anatomy drawings, no matter how challenging it may be for me… just like what the millennials say today, “The struggle is real.”

Have a great week ahead, everyone. Stay safe always.

Brush bin, brush washer… whatever you call it, it sure is handy!

The Mont Marte Brush Washer (or brush bin) I recently purchased.

The Mont Marte Brush Washer (or brush basin) I recently purchased.

I’ve always wanted to have this Brush Washer (or more commonly known as a ‘Brush Basin’) but never had any idea where to purchase this. Since I rarely go out and spend most of my time at home, the wonders of online shopping led me to discover this (by accident, mind you) and at Php 300.00 (or roughly around $6.00) it was a good steal even at a discounted price so I did not hesitate to get one for myself.

Ever since I went back to practicing watercolors, I have always contented myself in using a small, plastic water container to clean off my brushes, and with a paper towel at tow, you can wipe off the excess paint stuck within the corners of your brush bristles. But with the brush bin having this neat ribbed portion below on one compartment, you can just scrub your brushes back and forth on it for a thorough clean and place them on the other compartment filled with the right amount of water to keep your brushes wet and ready to use whenever you’re working on a watercolor or acrylic painting.

This brush basin is indeed very handy and worth spending.. Shallow as it may sound, but I guess (in my honest opinion) you can call it one of the greatest things ever made since watercolor paper came in pads… whatever… Enjoy the weekend, people and stay safe always.

Mk. 110: Catatonic

'Catatonic' (watercolor on paper)

‘Catatonic’ (watercolor on paper)

The “Ber” months have already started and it’s that most wonderful time of the year where traffic gets 2x to 3x worse than normal and malls will be packed to the rafters like sardines in a tiny can.. Oh well… Stay safe everyone and have a great weekend…