Mk. 107: Thunderfire Achtung

'Thunderfire Achtung' (watercolor on laid paper)

‘Thunderfire Achtung’ (watercolor on laid paper)

Hey, guys… I know, I know.. three months since I last pestered you all with my whatnots. It’s that time of the year once again for me and hopefully it sits with me longer than I expect it to be. Been enjoying the cold, dampy weather for a week or so now so I’m hoping I can get to work more on new stuff rather sitting my ass off in front of the Playstation for hours.. Oh well.. Stay safe, everyone.

Mk. 103: Objet d’Art

'Objet d'Art' (watercolor on yellow laid paper)

‘Objet d’Art’ (watercolor on yellow laid paper)

Going back to infinite lines and obscure shapes that’s filling my mind and waiting to be drawn on a piece of blank laid paper.. and here’s the aftermath. Have a great weekend, everyone and keep safe always…