Mk. 121: The Renunciation

'The Renunciation' (watercolor on laid paper)

‘The Renunciation’ (watercolor on laid paper)

May 2017 be a joyous, peaceful and prosperous year for all of us… Happy New Year, folks and stay safe always… Cheers!


Mk. 101: Doble Cara

'Doble Cara' (watercolor on laid paper)

‘Doble Cara’ (watercolor on laid paper)

From early last year… another random work piece that I made during one of those downtime moments at home. How’s it going, guys? Have a great Saturday…

Mk. 98: Creative Serenity

'Creative Serenity' (watercolor on laid paper)

‘Creative Serenity’ (watercolor on laid paper)

This is basically composed of two separate paintings that I did and since I really wasn’t that satisfied with its individual outcome, I decided to just put them together and made some sense out of it.. How’s it going, guys? Keep safe always.

Mk. 93: Middleworld

'Middleworld' (watercolor on paper)

‘Middleworld’ (watercolor on paper)

Happy Sunday, everyone.. Hopefully I can get to work on something new within the day. As long as my flair for laziness won’t get in the way. Anyway, here’s another one of my past works from 2014. Stay safe, people..

Mk. 92: Weird Fishes

'Weird Fishes' (mixed media on paper)

‘Weird Fishes’ (mixed media on paper)

As Paul Klee said, “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” I guess mine wandered mindlessly, randomly.. and ended with another weird aftermath. Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

Mk. 79: Wendy

'Wendy' (watercolor on laid paper)

‘Wendy’ (watercolor on laid paper)

I may have mentioned it before but portraiture is one of my weaknesses when it comes to drawing and painting. Every once in a while I try my hand in doing portraits, and here’s another practice piece I did last year using a friend’s photo as my reference. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep safe, everyone…