Mk. 122: No Future

'No Future' (watercolor on paper)

‘No Future’ (mixed media on paper)

Shapes, colors, weirdness and resurrecting the T.R.C. (Twisted Red Cross) on this workpiece. Been a while, guys… glad to see you all once again. Stay safe, peeps…


Mk. 118: Half Of Me

'Half Of Me' (mixed media on laid paper/watercolor + paper cutouts)

‘Half Of Me’ (mixed media on laid paper/watercolor + paper cutouts)

Experimenting with paper cutouts and watercolor on this work piece from April of 2015. Been raining outside for some time now so stay dry, people. Good afternoon…


'Complications' (mixed media on paper)

‘Complications’ (mixed media on paper)

Aside from watercolor, I’ve been using colored pencils as well for practice work and here’s one of ’em I did back in 2014.. As always, random stuff at its finest. Have a great Wednesday, everyone and keep safe always.

Pinocchio et Muay Thai Girl (NSFW)

'Pinocchio et Muay Thai Girl' comic strip I made back in September of 2000.

The ‘Pinocchio et Muay Thai Girl‘ comic strip I made back in September of 2000.

Here’s a rather naughty comic strip I unearthed from one of my old and dusty clear books recently. I drew this back in September of 2000 as part (if my memory serves me right) of a group exhibition that happened a few months later. Wish I can go back to pen and ink drawings.. those were really fun times. Happy Sunday everyone!

Mk. 87: Face, Lines and Shapes

'Face, Lines and Shapes' (pen and ink + watercolor on laid paper)

‘Face, Lines and Shapes’ (pen and ink + watercolor on laid paper)

Doodled myself away on this one. Then decided to add a touch of watercolor here and there and here’s the aftermath. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone and keep safe always…

Segue to pen and ink drawings and braving life’s small pockets of turbulence…

'We Shall Overcome' (mixed media drawing on paper)

‘We Shall Overcome’ (mixed media drawing on paper)

These past few days were not as good as I wanted them to be… I have always believed that life was never perfect, life wasn’t always a bed of roses. I remember a line from the late actress Moody Diaz when she was having this heart-to-heart talk with Christopher de Leon in the 1977 Mike de Leon movie ‘Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising‘ where she said that “May mga bagay na hindi maiiwasan” (There are things that you can’t avoid). Indeed there are things in life that you can’t avoid because it was bound to happen… whether it is good or bad, happy or sad, it will happen… it has to happen. Call it fate or destiny, it all depends on how we face┬áthese tribulations in our lives.

It’s just another phase in our lives that we have to deal with… Just keep the faith and be positive all the time. These too shall pass, I’m sure of it.