Just a little something about myself…


Ok fellas, here it goes…

I’m a middle-aged dude who is currently struggling on a daily basis to find out a way on how to get things going in his life and do something about it before he totally slips into oblivion. I’m a cartoonist,  an amateur painter and music lover who once worked as a writer/producer for several local TV networks and a web content writer for a staff-leasing firm for almost three years… For a time I went back to photography and did some toy collecting for a good number of years up until recently I decided to go back and continue practicing watercolor painting. Rekindling my enthusiasm for drawing and painting gave me once more (time and again) that single thread of hope to keep me from, literally, bouncing off the wall… And it is through this weblog of mine where I finally get to share a little piece of my world and my passions to anyone who would be generous enough to spare some time in reading (or visiting… or just even glance) at my blog posts.

So I formally welcome each and everyone of you to my humble weblog… thanks!


6 thoughts on “Just a little something about myself…

  1. Hi, I found it interesting reading your comments about bootleg anime figures, I have never had much interested until recently in this figures, but lately I have been looking to purchase some from ebay. I’m also 30 something, and I haven’t got the money to spend on rare original model resin figures from Japan, apart from anything else I live in the UK, so the shipping charges are really high, I purchase can cost £20 extra on top of another £80-£100, it’s just not realistic as a side hobby for me to spend that kind of money on every order. So Yes, like you I also look at Bootleg figures and I agree there’s nothing wrong with that.
    My reasoning is that I collect comic books… I have 500 comics I would say, and a few of them are worth a lot of money… like The Walking Dead #1, This does not mean I don’t also enjoy the rest of my collection, every comic is a part of my collection even the cheap 50p ones that I found in the back of old comic book shops. With these figures a bootleg one will also be a part of my collection, and maybe in the future I could buy a genuine figure to go into it, so Yes I see nothing wrong with purchasing any figure, and I think there are bargains to be found within the cheaper areas of figure characters, and these could well be over looked by people spending a lot of money each time only on genuine anime resin models.

  2. I can totally relate to your comment: “Rekindling my enthusiasm for drawing and painting gave me once more (time and again) that single thread of hope to keep me from, literally, bouncing off the wall…”…I have taken up oil painting for the same reason. I hope that someone can come to appreciate your art and talent! I hope you share a page of your watercolors soon! I would enjoy seeing what you have done. Life is a challenge, and where there is hope, there is life…NEVER GIVE UP…YOU always have YOU…You are a wonderful writer. I read your article about the toys you were collecting. Something in those little creations caught your eye. I, at 64, like toys as well! I did begin collecting some German toy creations of knights…but then I had to get practical and buy food. I do understand your enthusiasm. Much success to you in your artistic endeavors!

    • Why thank you very much Johann for such kind words, I rarely come across such encouraging comments and yours have truly brightened up my day. Drawing and painting was my life until I decided to find work and had to earn a living back in 2000 that forced me to set my hobbies aside. But I’ve always believed that you will get to find the time and a way to go back to your first love no matter how long it took for me to realize that, and true enough back in March I made that right decision and I’m glad I did. I was constantly practicing on my drawing and watercolors for months but I had to put them on hold for almost the entire month of August because I had to attend to an urgent family matter. Hopefully this month of September I might be able to pick up my pace once more and start drawing and painting again. Again my sincerest thanks to you my friend and wishing you all the best in life. Hoping to hear from you again and stay safe always!

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