A Cat Named Poochie…

Our pet cat, Poochie (photo taken inside my sister's bedroom back in 2010)

Our pet cat, Poochie (photo taken inside my sister’s bedroom back in 2010)

I guess there’s no need for me to write that long story on how and when this adorable furball came into our lives, I just want to make it short and straight on why I decided to talk about her on my post for today.. Poochie passed away earlier today shortly before noon, and I was with her during her final moments before she succumbed to liver complications as my dad and I rushed her to the vet with hopes to extend her life, knowing it was only going to be futile and bleak because she had suddenly lost all mobility of her hind legs last Monday and her mouth was mostly opened all the time as if she was gasping for air. She wouldn’t eat or drink and my sister was forced to feed her with prescription food and liquids were given to her using a syringe.

Poochie sleeping on our old sofa (circa 2013)

Poochie sleeping on our old sofa (circa 2012-2013)

We knew that it was something really serious and we were prepared to put her to sleep, but I guess St. Francis of Assisi heard our prayers and instead took her away into his loving and caring arms and she never went through the process of euthanasia.  Poochie was 14 years old. A life well-lived for that adorable Tabby who gave her unconditional love to me and my family since we adopted her in 2003.

Everything happened so fast that even up to this moment we just couldn’t believe that she’s already gone. But I guess it’s better this way, now she won’t feel any pain and I’m pretty sure she can now go to wherever she wants to go. We’ll miss you so much, Poochie.. Thank you for everything and I’m sorry.

Rest in peace and give our love and regards to Twixy. We love you.


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