Mk. 80: Filipino Drivers Nowadays(Unfortunately)

'Filipino Drivers Nowadays.. Unfortunately' (mixed media on paper)

‘Filipino Drivers Nowadays.. Unfortunately’ (mixed media on paper)

No offense to the other law-abiding and disciplined car owners out there, but sadly there are more and more rude, reckless and snotty drivers out there roaming around the city streets of Metro Manila. They have no sense of discipline, courtesy nor even the slightest patience behind the wheel. Sue me if you want, but this is THE ugly truth… this is the reality that we, who are caught in the middle, have to face daily as soon as we step out of our homes and go about our lives. Really sad… really sad.


4 thoughts on “Mk. 80: Filipino Drivers Nowadays(Unfortunately)

    • Very much true… that is why I am not optimistic that I’ll be seeing a great change in these individuals given also the effed-up traffic situation in Manila that is only provoking others to follow the wrong path of becoming a reckless driver…Sadly, it’s more like a “Live with it” scenario than being hopeful that things will change for the better in the future. Just heartbreaking…

      • In a few years’ time, we’ll be seeing GTA-style killings over traffic spates on the evening news.

        Another factor would be the fact that most “drivers” only learned how to drive through knowledge passed by other reckless drivers; “nakahawak lang ng manibela driver na kaagad”, as my mom would put it.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. The generation of Filipino drivers nowadays are like ticking time bombs waiting to explode anytime. Just read the papers and watch the evening news and mostly you get stuff that has happened on the road. They think that driving in Manila is like playing video games where you can do anything as you please… We are only creating a new generation of Rolito Go’s and Benjamin Carabuena’s who will spawn the roads of Metro Manila and will wreak havoc if you seriously tick them to the core.

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