Mk. 21: Stare

'Stare' (mixed media on sketch pad, 8 1/4" x 5 1/2")

‘Stare’ (mixed media on sketch pad, 8 1/4″ x 5 1/2″)

Before I made that promise to myself that I should learn to walk hand-in-hand with patience and try to be more understanding with total strangers around you, I had this big issue with people who would stare at you as you walk by them while minding your own business.. and oftentimes there are those who would stare at you much longer than expected and I was like “what the hell is your problem?” or “are you trying to pick a fight or something?”

I admit that I am short-tempered and it’s not, in any way, a good thing. Getting to encounter these type of individuals relatively spoiled my day and I said to myself that I should not let these people nor this type of situations get the best of me. I always had to bear in mind that maybe these people had a rough day at home or at work or maybe they’re going through something worse than I expected like money, family, relationship or personal problems. This had somehow helped me lessen that burden of getting all ballistic and irked big time, and gradually I learned to apply this technique everyday as I go out into the world and when I cross paths with these people, they can now stare at me for as long as they want like I couldn’t care less. Positive vibes, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Mk. 21: Stare

  1. i don’t understand it why men loves to pick up a fight just bec. someone is staring at them. maybe on the way of how the stare is being done? haha maybe its the same with women when some would stare at you from head to toe (?) like they are trying to intimidate. i think what irked me more are men who whistles at women or calls us as if we are theirs. ugh. i wonder what happens if i did it the other way.

    • I guess just a quick stare would be perfectly normal but there are others who would walk past you already and they’d still stare at you. You’re absolutely right, it all depends on how they annoyingly stare at you. Though I never confronted them head on or something knowing that it might get you into some serious trouble, most especially here in the Philippines right now, you’ll never know who you might bump into and it’s scary. That is why I learned how to just let these type of people off and go about my business. It’s not worth it if you’ll be putting your life on the line. Gone are the days where guys settled the score with one another by doing the ‘mano y mano’ way. Today, you accidentally give a bad stare at one person and he might just pull out a gun or a knife and snuff the living daylights out of you permanently.

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