Happy Independence Day, Philippines…

As we celebrate our 116th anniversary of Philippine independence, the weather outside is quite unpredictable… rainfall would come and go as it pleases but somehow this is far more better than the insane warm weather we’ve experienced in recent months and now I can finally continue working on my watercolors without having to sweat like hell at my workstation. The rainy season has officially kicked in.

As to my watercolors, still doing a lot of practice and experimentation… and here’s another product of my madness which you can see right below:

Working Title: ‘Lady in Lingerie Inside the Bathroom’

I do admit that drawing/sketching/painting human figures (anatomy) is one of my weaknesses and more often than not I end up doing them literally “disfigured”, not to mention doing the proper shading on my drawings/paintings for which I still have to work on as well.  So in the long run I eventually focused more on cartooning using pen and ink and somewhat excelled on that field for a good number of years. Though occasionally I would still do some quick sketches and doodles for practice… that is if I don’t become a lazy a** and decide to stare off into space or something like that.

As they always say, ‘Practice makes perfect’… but for now I’m just taking my sweet little time enjoying what I do, there’s no need to rush things and become like Norman Rockwell or the other masters overnight … just do what you want to do.


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