Attack on Titan: Something to look forward to

Attack on Titan

‘Attack on Titan’ promotional poster showing Eren Yeager engaged in combat against the Colossal Titan.

I’ve been noticing lately (or I’m just that TOO late, again, to notice) the steady rise in popularity of the anime Attack on Titan and I couldn’t help but wonder what is it with this Hajime Isayama creation that had everybody talking and wanting for more. Everywhere I go you would often get to hear kids, teens and even young adults raving and commenting on how cool the series is and now even anime specialty shops are selling an array of interesting stuff from posters, necklaces, backpacks down to mouse pads, pricey action toy figures and even patches. I have always been a big fan of anime but I sometimes get critical on what particular anime titles I should watch. In recent times, there were a few of them that got me interested and later on proved to be something worthy of praise… one of them is the depressing, heart-wrenching war movie Grave of the Fireflies (1988) from Studio Ghibli. The other is the phenomenal hit anime series that swept a good majority of Pinoys off their feet featuring Light Yagami and his detective counterpart known as ‘L‘ in the supernatural/psychological thriller Death Note (2006) and lastly, the hilarious vulgar comedy featuring the timid, shy musician Soichi Negishi and his notoriously infamous alter-ego Johannes Krauser II and the rest of the rowdy bunch of Detroit Metal City (2008.)

I know there are still a lot of good anime titles out there that I haven’t got to sit down and watch over the years and those that I have just mentioned earlier are the ones that I had managed to squeeze-in during my free time back then when I was still working as a web content writer in Ortigas. But now that I have considered myself “retired”, then I have more than enough reasons to catch up with the other anime titles on my list of ‘what to watch.’

I’m bent in finding a store or a comic shop selling the English-translated manga of Attack on Titan and hopefully I’d find the steady enthusiasm to read them all first before I start to watch the anime television series since the live action movie is still slated for release sometime in 2015. By the looks of it, this brainchild of Isayama holds a lot of promise as it piques at my curiosity even more with all the buzz surrounding the anime laced with controversy along with a hefty serving of flat-out “death and destruction” all around.

My guess would be like a darker, Grimm Brothers-inspired fairy tale of ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ loaded with tons of no-nonsense Titan-slaying action from start to finish… but for now, I’ll have to wait and see it for myself before I lay down my verdict on this one.


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