Foodie Newbie Finds: Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

(Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a first for yours truly to be doing a food review so please bear with me as I try my hand in making one for my blog… so on to our story…)

Donuts has always been one of my favorite comfort food and you simply can’t go wrong with it. Have a donut or two accompanied with a hot cup of coffee and everything’s just pure bliss! From my childhood days up to my teens and as an adult, Dunkin’ Donuts and Mister Donut were the only predominant names in donuts here in the Philippines until Krispy Kreme came along and conquered the country by storm. Can you just imagine how Pinoys went ga-ga over Krispy Kreme as men, women and children queued long lines just to get ’em luscious donuts to take home for pasalubongs and get their first-hand taste on this latest food/snack craze.

It wasn’t for long when Indonesia introduced J.CO Donuts to the Filipinos and, just like the Krispy Kreme craze, everyone just went loco over them and the familiar long and winding queue of people outside the establishment can still be seen as of the moment and sometimes it makes you stop and think (and more often than not cringe on) how these people would brave the long lines armed with sooo much patience as they wait for an hour or so just to get their J.CO donuts and leave the establishment feeling like a winner. Even up to this very day I still haven’t tasted a single J.CO donut since it made landfall in Manila back in 2012(?) and honestly I won’t waste my time finding myself stuck in a long line just for them even if they are one of my favorite junkies to snack on. Maybe I’ll get my hassle-free chance someday when people had more of their fair share already of J.CO’s or until a new donut product comes along and eventually sweep the Pinoys off their feet in satisfying their craving for something sweet…

A box of Gavino's Japanese Donuts before the sampling.

A box of Gavino’s Japanese Donuts before the sampling.

I was at the Greenhills Shopping Centre earlier today and made my usual rounds of toy hunting in and around the establishment, and as I passed by Unimart shortly before I went home, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Gavino’s Japanese Donuts stall there and I immediately went over to check it out. I’ve already learned about Gavino’s existence after watching it on a segment from a T.V. show a couple of years back and upon learning that their first branch is located somewhere in Banawe, it was really something to look forward to since I live near their location and going there was not a problem at all… but it never took place and it was only this afternoon that I finally got the chance to come face-to-face with the real deal.

I was able to sample a bite piece of the regular glazed donut for their free taste and it was indeed chewy and excitingly new to the palate if you are accustomed to the normal type of donut that easily crumbles in your mouth at first bite, but these Japanese Donuts are truly irresistible and I’m surely not leaving the place without buying! So I decided to take home with me six pieces (5 from their Premium line and 1 Regular donut) and as I got back home, it was time to take on these treats along with my mom and sister… and we loved it to pieces! My uber favorite Gavino donut would have to be their “Red Velvet donut with cream and pieces of small pistachios on top” (sorry folks I forgot its actual name) but it was totally worth every bite. I’ve managed to take some snapshots of the donuts before they became finally non-existent, and here’s some of them:

If my memory serves me right... (lower left) Glazed, Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate and Cookie & Cream.

If my memory serves me right… (lower left) Glazed, Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate and Cookie & Cream.

(left) Gavino's Red Velvet donut and Chocolate Cinnamon(?)

(left) Gavino’s Red Velvet donut and Chocolate Cinnamon(?)

Since I’m not an expert on doing the “talk-the-talk-and-walk-the-walk-like-a-food-blogger-should-be” so I’ll just cut to the chase and go straight to the point: Gavino’s Japanese Donuts are exceptionally good and tasty and it can go head-to-head with its leading counterparts in the donut industry. The chewy texture you’ll find on some of their donut products can truly appeal to anyone looking for something different other than the usual donut-y texture we’ve all learned to love. I’m glad I was able to come across their Greenhills branch today and finally got to taste their infamous and delectable chewy Pon De Ring donuts.


7 thoughts on “Foodie Newbie Finds: Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

  1. Girlie R says:

    I feel you – no way am i spending a whole afternoon just lining up for doughnuts. These gavinos look interesting though; i hope they have a kiosk set up somewhere in alabang; the people here would eat that up.

    • Hi Girlie, thanks for spending time off in reading my so-called “foodie review” on Gavino’s, very much appreciated. Up to this very day seeing those people lining up and waiting for so long just to get their J.CO donuts never fails to amaze and amuse me at the same time… and just like you and most probably for a silent majority of people out there, I will not go through the hassle of waiting for hours in line just to get me a box of J.CO’s. They can wait, and I’ll have my chance to sample them soon but for now, no thanks…

      Most probably Gavino’s will be expanding to other locations and Alabang isn’t far behind on their priority list to put up a branch there. And I’m sure their chewy Pon De Ring donuts will become an instant hit.

      Thanks again Girlie and have a great day..

  2. Hi Mekanda, thank you for this nice feedback on our donuts. We appreciate any feedback to help us improve our donuts and flavors as well. Please let us know if you have any flavor in mind, no matter how strange the flavor, we will try to develop it.

    Hi Girlie, we have a branch in ATC food choices, makati supermarket and in SM Southmall.

    Thank you and more power to your blog.

    • Good day, sir Andrew, this is quite unexpected and it is such an honor for me to have you notice my small, humble review on Gavino’s Japanese Donuts and the wonderful line of donuts you have in store for all of us. I was lucky to have passed by Unimart last Saturday and was finally able to sample some of the best-tasting donuts I ever had in my life. I had a hard time choosing on what flavors to take home for my initial purchase, but I’ll be definitely getting some more in the coming days. Two-thumbs up to you sir, to Gavino’s and to the new chewy experience you have given to donut-lovers out there looking for something excitingly different and superbly delicious at the same time.

      I will let you know sir if I do get to have a particular flavor in mind, but for now I was thinking maybe if Gavino’s can come up with a sugar-free donut that can cater to those who would want to satisfy their craving for donuts but are mindful of their diet, most especially to those people who have high-blood sugar but are wanting to have a yummy donut every once in a while.

      Again, thank you very much, sir and more power to you and to Gavino’s.

      • Thanks for the information Mekanda, we had requests for sugar free donuts as well but we are still trying to work that out. More power again to your blog.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, Coleen 🙂 I’m hoping that my so-called “comeback” to blogging will be for good. I’m glad you appreciate my dry-run in doing a food review on Gavino’s though I still have a long way to go when it comes to food blogging.

      Again, thanks for the kind words and hoping to see more updates soon on your website. Take care and Godspeed!

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