Bargain Finds: A Toy Named Cerruda…

During my absence from blogging I’ve been balancing my time dabbling into my toy photography and acquiring a handful of new toys from toy stores on sale and second-hand shops, though I’ve got to admit that my flair for laziness never fails to get the best of me and more often than not my toy acquisition stint gained more productivity rather than having myself behind the camera and taking photos of the other toys waiting in line. Anyways, it was during one of those reclusive moments in my life that I was making my leisurely stroll at SM San Lazaro one day and a trip to the mall ain’t complete for me without visiting the Toys Department, and so I went and began my little bargain toy hunting. After sifting through every toy display rack I could find, it wasn’t for long that I was able to chance upon this action toy figure selling at a huge discounted price and so I immediately grabbed one and checked the item out.

From the content details on the box, the name of the figure is called Cerruda and on the front packaging is a photo where this Cerruda character is fighting with some guy dressed in what looks like an Ultraman costume. Still I have no clue as to who they are or from what country they originated… it was hard for me even to make out what exactly the toy figure is since I could hardly find any trace of English on it (well, except for the one that says ‘Made in China’ and ‘SilverLit’ which I’m supposing is the name of the toy manufacturer) I thought to myself that this is one of those toys that could fall under the category of ‘Curiosities’ since I have no idea whatsoever as to the nature of the item or it might be I’m just not up-to-date on the latest Sentai shows currently trending abroad… but I still have my doubts.

I’ve taken several snapshots of the figure before I decided to open the box and check out the entire thing, and from what the way I saw it, this Cerruda figure ain’t that bad except that its articulation is limited to just arms raising forward and backward at a certain degree, head spinning freely at 360° and what’s disappointing is that the legs don’t move nor bend as if it was molded as a whole and it can only make a 360° turn starting from its waist down. I mean, talk about getting it only for Php 50.00 (roughly around $1.00++) so don’t expect to get your money’s worth if you thought to have a landed on a good find on something like a Marvel Action Figure/Revoltech selling at a price that is almost like the company is giving away their stuff for charity or something. But then again as a random toy collector, I can still find some good in it and honestly, I think my Php 50.00 was still worth buying this Cerruda figure.

There is even this hilarious review of the toy item on YouTube from a guy who runs his channel called ‘Scott Vs Box’ and the Cerruda figure he had matches the same one that I bought in terms of the yellow price tag and the way it was placed on the packaging, which only comes from, unmistakably, SM Supermalls’ Toy Express. Since I wasn’t able to take photos of it out of the box, you might as well check the video here and you’ll have an idea on the toy figure’s entirety.

Until the next toy review, stay safe always and happy toy hunting!…


5 thoughts on “Bargain Finds: A Toy Named Cerruda…

    • I definitely agree with you, and sometimes the thrill you get from bargain hunting is really something… getting stuff you want without spending a fortune for it. Thanks for taking time off in visiting my blog and have a nice day, cheers!

    • Wow! Thanks for the help, Lich.. This is such great info and at least by now I already know its origins. I’m not quite sure if this Sentai TV series was a huge hit or just another flash-in-the-pan series that ran for a number of episodes. Thanks again, Lich!

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