It’s been a long time since I “blog” and rolled…

To be honest ladies and gentlemen, as I currently stare blankly towards the PC monitor… I came unprepared, not knowing what to write down or discuss since it has been almost two-years when I made my last blog entry here. It feels like all new to me, back when I was still learning the basics of blogging, a newbie… an amateur, this is how I feel right now… I can still recall how I breezed through every post from the time I launched this blog back in 2009. Blogging is like second-nature to me, and now I find myself literally taking baby steps while I consciously pound on the keyboard as my mind revs up for the next line of sentences to type for this new post. If I get to muster enough inspiration and determination to pick myself up from where I last left off, then things will be a cinch once more for me… after all, it’s like learning to ride the bicycle… once you learn how to ride, it stays with you forever. No matter how long it has been since your last bike ride, you still can balance and pedal yourself with ease.

Though I can’t say for now how things will turn up for my blog and I won’t be making any promises either, but I’ll just take things one day at a time and see what will happen next. I still have this growing determination in me to go back to blogging after learning that there are still a handful of people out there visiting and checking out my blog despite its indefinite slumber and prehistoric entries. I’m hoping that determination in me won’t fizzle out once more… and I really don’t care anymore about the hindrances nor the negativity coming from certain individuals that has haunted me for so long that it prevented me from moving forward as well. I have somehow forgotten about that ugly past, but I’m still not ready to take on that road to forgiveness. Maybe in God’s time I suppose, but not today, tomorrow or sometime soon.

Well, that was a mouthful of melancholia right there… Anyways, I hope to be publishing an entry or two in the coming days and that being said… let’s get this party started, shall we?…


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