Nifty Toy Finds: Tiffany The Amazon from Spawn (Series 6)

Tiffany The Amazon from Spawn Series 6 (in monochrome)

I’ve featured in one of my previous posts some months ago the Angela action figure from Todd McFarlane‘s earlier line of Spawn toys from the 1990’s and I was lucky enough to have discovered it going on sale in one of the toy shops that I frequent to. Selling the action toy at a relatively low price gave me enough motivation to go back to that toy shop and purchase another Spawn action toy that was available at that time, though I was hoping they had the much newer, more detailed versions of the Spawn figures on sale too, but I guess I could understand the establishment’s reasons for cutting down the prices “drastically” on the classic Spawn items and they just wanted to dispose their old stocks to furnish enough store space for newer toy items. Anyways, I went back and checked out the stuff for my next purchase and I happen to come across another classic, and she’s no other than the ambitious angel from the Amazon Warriors division out to get Spawn right to the very end… enter the swashbuckling, gun-toting femme fatale Tiffany The Amazon.

Though the toy shop offered only quite a few number of classic Spawn characters that appealed to me and so far I got to purchase three characters to date: Angela, Tiffany The Amazon and Viking Spawn (which I will feature here sometime soon.) The packaging condition of the Tiffany figure was relatively good sans the small, bearable creases and minimal signs of wear-and-tear considering that this came from one of Todd Toys‘ pioneering batch of action figures from Series 6. The Tiffany figure’s points of articulation are her limbs, knees, wrists, arms and head though they can only be moved (or posed) at a certain degree, the action toy is relatively considered ‘stiff’ or “prehistoric” in today’s action figure standards but nonetheless, it is still a classic item worthy to be a part of your collection, most especially for those serious Spawn toy collectors.

Tiffany The Amazon action figure (side profile)

Inside the package you get the action figure, the wing attachment, a huge sword and a small silver handgun. Though the amazing thing about the Todd Toys merchandising back in the 90’s is that Todd McFarlane wanted to break from the conventional aesthetics of action figure-making and he made sure that his toy line stood out from the rest, and it indeed was, in some way, a breakthrough from the common action figure toys then so Spawn fans and toy enthusiasts alike couldn’t get enough of Todd’s creative vision. With the Tiffany action figure, you’re not just going to get the usual “assemble, pose and display“, but instead, her wing attachment can turn into a sled while the huge sword transforms into the sled’s handle bars and all you got to do is assemble the wing and sword together, mount the figure on the two pegs connecting underneath her feet and voila! Tiffany gets to swag on her own customized ride to hunt down Spawn… in style!

I decided to unbox the action figure just yesterday after it sat for months inside the container and since I’m way past due my blog updates for more than a month (I think) so I wasted no time in taking some snapshots of the toy and I have here some photo samples that I took and I hope you guys like it. If you want to check out the entire photo set, please do visit our Facebook page by clicking on this link. So until the next toy feature, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos on the next page)


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