I finally got the Gladiator from Lego Minifigures Series 5!

A couple of weeks back I was at the mall and I happen to be passing by in front of Toys ‘R Us so I decided to go inside and check out some of the toys that might catch my fancy. Before I left the premises I visited the Lego section to get some of the Minifigures my sister asked me to buy. It was a good thing they still have a wide array of figures to choose from unlike the other toy shops that I previously visited that day where they sell mostly Minifigures from the newer series. Since I was already there and fortunately I was still able to stash away some extra cash enough to get myself a Lego Minifigure… so I immediately asked the salesperson in charge if they still have the Gladiator figure from Series 5… then lo and behold he handed to me the small plastic package containing the Gladiator toy figure! So I went directly to the counter, paid the items I purchased and went home.

Gladiator from Lego Minifigures Series 5 with packaging

The Gladiator is just one of the few figures from Lego that I truly liked along with the Spartan Warrior (from Series 2) and Clockwork Robot (from Series 6.) What got me interested in the Gladiator is its awesome detailed bronze helmet that just looked cool when worn over the figure’s head, attach the short sword and round shield on each hand, he’s ready to rock n’ roll in the Roman arena! Though the prices of the Lego Minifigures started to skyrocket with the release of the Series 6 line onwards, I was still able to get it for its old price tag of Php 199.75 (roughly around $4.70++) and sure enough it was worth every penny spent on this baby.

What you get inside the package of the Lego Series 5 Minifigures Gladiator toy…

It was just only around early this afternoon that I decided to take some snapshots of the Lego Gladiator figure (thanks to my unwavering flair for laziness) and thank goodness I was able to pull through with the photoshoot and came up with this small set of photos that I hope you guys will like. So until next time folks, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos on the next page)


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