Birthday with the Highland Battler

Yes I do admit that once in my life I became a die-hard LEGO fan and even up to this very day there are still several LEGO items that I really want to have someday in my collection, most especially their Minifigures line. But ever since I got introduced to its counterpart, the Minimates, I suddenly turned my attention to them and was slowly becoming a follower due to the fact that it was more bigger than the LEGO figures plus it had more points of articulation when it came to poseability/flexibility… not to mention that it is more affordable than the Minifigures which is now selling at PHP 250 each (roughly close to $6.00)… that is if you’re buying the regular pack and not the ones sold exclusively during toy or comic book conventions. Either way, whether it be LEGO Minifigures or Minimates, it really doesn’t matter for as long as you enjoy them.

My birthday gift from sis… the Highland Battler from LEGO Minifigures Series 6

It was the evening of June 16 when my sister handed me a small advance birthday present amidst our little misunderstanding that went on during that entire day… it was never wrapped like a birthday gift should be and she just handed it to me as is and greeted me a happy birthday. I later found out that it was the Highland Battler mini figure that I bought for her a couple of weeks back and it was intentionally bought by my sister to be given to me on my birthday. The Highland Battler is considered my very first LEGO Minifigure in my collection and I couldn’t thank her enough for it, but somehow it paved the way for us to patch things up and we were once again in speaking terms shortly after the stroke of midnight on my birthday. Despite being a “small item with a hefty price tag“, you get what you paid for and it was worth every penny! You get that distinctive LEGO quality that we’ve always known for years, and having to become a Minimates fan just recently, LEGO still and will always have a special place in my heart when it comes to those toys you grew up with.

Highland Battler figure placed on top of base

The Highland Battler mini figure comes with a sword and a round shield (or a buckler to be more precise) including a base where you can attach the item on to for display purposes. According to my sister, the Highland Battler is regarded as one of the few LEGO figures with the most good reviews in recent times even though some may look at it as somewhat simple in terms of its design and its add-ons are not that elaborate unlike its other fellow Minifigures on Series 6. I’ve taken the liberty to spare some time one afternoon and took some snapshots of my new toy at my small makeshift studio inside my bedroom and here are some of them… Thanks sis for the wonderful gift, very much appreciated! ‘Til next time folks, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos on the next page)


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