The Maharlika Project

Looking back on my last blog post, I realized that it has been more than a month now since I’ve last made an update and I guess it is high time for me to write a new one now and hope this will shed light on what I have been doing lately and somehow I eventually stalled in doing blog updates for quite some time… well aside from my bouts of laziness that I am truly guilty of… I decided to indulge myself in doing a little toy customization work and for several weeks I immersed myself in taking a little refresher course which includes quite long hours of watching self-help videos on how to go about making your own toys, most especially on how to paint your toys the easiest and simplest way possible without having to spend a fortune on painting materials. With some bargain toys in tow I initially used them as my test subjects and just fired away and worked on my little side project which I fondly called ‘The Maharlika Project‘ and somehow it yielded a fairly good result though personally it isn’t good enough to brag around since I still have a loooonnngggg way to go and it takes time, patience and a lot of practice to be able to come up with a real nice one.

(L-R) The bootleg Thomas & Friends toy train and an alleged mini toy robot of Bumblebee from ‘The Transformers.’

I have here a photo of two of my test subjects which consists of a bootleg Thomas & Friends toy train and a small toy robot which happens to be, according to the info on the toy’s packaging, Bumblebee of ‘The Transformers‘ fame. I decided to play around with them and ended doing a new paint job on these items though I wanted to put some add-on stuff to make it look more different but I still have to work on it and research for the materials that I can use for customizing toys. You can see that they basically share the same color scheme since during that time I only had a few paint items with me and was limited to these colors on my arsenal, since this was just basically practice work so I gave it a go more or less to help me get the feel on what I’m doing and at the same time learn from my mistakes and take heed on the good points that has worked perfectly fine in this particular task.

The Maharlika Project somehow sidetracked me a bit in doing my blog updates and it also veered me away from doing toy photography as well, though I still consider continuing this new found venture and somehow come up with more customized toys in the coming days but I have to find a way on how to manage my time in blogging and toy photography all at the same time… Oh well, like they all say “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” And for as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, no matter if you get your hands full on the things you love to do, then everything will be just fine. Really sorry folks for the delay and I’ll try my best to come up with more new stuff here on Of Photography, Toys and Other Stuff. ‘Til next time, stay safe always!


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