Great Buys: Zatanna action figure from DC Direct (Identity Crisis Series 1)

I got a text message from one of my toy shop contacts a couple of days back telling me that a few gashapon items had arrived at their shop and told me if I can drop by soon to check them out. It was only yesterday that I decided to visit their shop and bought some of the gashapons they had that I’ll be needing for my other web blog.  And since I went there around lunch time and going back home would be such a waste so I stuck around for a while and did some toy shop-hopping in the hopes of finding me a good find or two aside from the small stash of goodies that I have just purchased.

DC Direct’s Zatanna action figure in good carded condition

It didn’t take long before my “bargain toy radar” spotted this neat DC Direct Zatanna action figure selling for only Php 150 (roughly almost $4.00) at one of the toy shops that I frequent to. I immediately took it out from the shelf and did more thorough searching just in case I might get to unearth more bargain goodies hiding or lurking within the store’s premises, and when I was finally done with sweeping the area for more toy treasures, bought the item right away and a couple of hours later I went straight home along with my small stash of loot.

Zatanna is a world-renowned magician and heroine who is known for her involvement with the Justice League. She uses her magic to manipulate the minds of any super-villain which usually comes with a price and she must face the consequences for her actions. The action figure is part of DC Direct’s Identity Crisis Series 1 collector’s line which includes other DC heroes and villains like Hawkman, Green Arrow, Deadshot and the villainous Dr. Light. Since the packaging is still in really top condition and I’m having second thoughts of opening the toy to have it photographed. So I opted to take some snapshots of the action figure first in all of its carded glory and maybe in a couple of days I might as well take it out and do another set of photos of the actual figure itself. Here are some of the photos I took yesterday and be on the lookout guys for the next batch of pics very soon. Please bear with the photo quality since I did not use the camera flash to avoid glares and flash marks on the subject. So until next time, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos on the next page)


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