My very first Playmobil set I’ve ever purchased in my entire life…

As I was growing up as a kid back in the early 1980’s, I definitely saw the rise in popularity of Lego and its counterpart Playmobil here in the Philippines. Of course at that time every kid in Manila was into the Lego craze and I remember my Mom buying me that awesome Lego Police station set and a Spaceship set (I totally forgot its exact product name, sorry) a few years later. I can say that for a time I became a “Lego-Head” and nothing can be much cooler than to have a Lego set, whether it be the huge, expensive ones or those mini sets that were relatively affordable. I came to learn about Playmobil when my sister asked our Dad to buy for her this ‘Girl with Trolley Cart‘ set at a very famous toy shop then in Greenhills called Nova Fontana. Upon seeing my sister excitedly unbox the toy, there was not even a tinge of interest coming from me about her new Playmobil set since I was so loyal to Lego then and nothing can ever beat its “coolness and awesomeness”, so to speak. My sister followed up with a few other Playmobil items in the next couple of years until we reached our teens and as you grow older, you get to have other things you wanted to do and have in life, and so toys was somehow scratched from our interests then. And roughly around three decades later, my sister and I decided to go back into toy collecting and our vast collection of random toys are starting to grow bigger and bigger by the weeks and months that followed. I have long fancied for a toy set that had a miniature camera that I can use for my amateur toy photography endeavors or use it as props for my existing online comic series, but the only setback was that it is quite difficult to look for one and if there was one selling somewhere over the Net, they would sell it at an insanely staggering amount! It was only around last week when I got to stumble upon on the internet this nice Playmobil set that included a wedding photographer, flower girl and ring bearer. Since Hobbes & Landes officially sells Playmobil sets here in the Philippines, I decided to give them a call and ask if they had that one… then lo and behold! They have one selling in their shop!… I immediately had the item reserved and a couple of days later I went to their store and bought it right away for Php 820 (roughly around $19.00) and here’s a photo of my new baby…

My Playmobil Photographer with Flower Girl and Ring Bearer before unboxing.

In all my life, this is my very first Playmobil set I ever had and with all sincerity I like this item very much! The mere fact that it had that small toy camera that has eluded me for so long a time, it also has three figures inside the package and quite a number of accessories that is definitely worth every penny you spent for this. Please do pardon my ignorance folks but I was quite surprised to learn that these Playmobil sets are still ‘Made in Germany‘ though I was expecting that the present line of Playmobil toys are all now manufactured in China. So your $19.00 spent for this toy set is definitely worth every cent! Earlier this afternoon I decided to unbox the item and take some photos of it for this blog post, though I still have no plans of using them for now but instead I wanted to share to all of you this wonderful purchase I made and somehow it has put an abrupt end to my never-ending search for that mini toy camera I’ve always wanted. I’ve posted the other photos inside so please do check them out and until next time, stay safe always!

(*Click on the images for larger view and more photos on the next page)


4 thoughts on “My very first Playmobil set I’ve ever purchased in my entire life…

    • Hi patri, regarding your question, I’m really not quite sure where to purchase genuine old Playmobil sets since the one that I have right now is the only Playmobil set I have with me. Getting the real classic ones can be hard-to-find nowadays but I’m pretty sure there are some selling online from collectors they will definitely not come as cheap as you might expect them to be 🙂 I hope I was of some help to your inquiry, thanks for the comment/question and have a great day!

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