1995 Todd Toys Deluxe Figure: Angela from Spawn

Hey there folks! First of all I would like to apologize for the super delay in my post updates here since this bloke wasn’t feeling quite well in recent times and he’s suspicion is that the cause might be due to the long, extensive hours spent in front of the PC and before it can get any worse, I’ve decided to stay away from my computer until I got a bit better. So now using the PC is time-calculated and as soon as I’m done with my updates and stuff, it’s time to shut down and give myself a rest.. So without further ado, I would like to give you an update on some of the toys I’ve got to purchase since my “short hiatus” last February and this particular action figure is one of the best buys I ever chanced upon and I can say that it was a steal in some way since I got it at a very affordable price knowing that it is a classic and these things doesn’t come by easily nowadays… and I’m talking about none other than the bounty hunter Angela from Todd McFarlane’s comic book series Spawn.

The bounty hunter Angela from Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

Angela is one of the most controversial comic book characters ever conceived since it brought forth a slew of legal battles to its rights between writer Neil Gaiman, who conceptualized the character of Angela, and artist Todd McFarlane who brought to life this vixen of a  bounty hunter. And before McFarlane Toys, there was Todd Toys which mainly concentrated on action figures based on McFarlane’s hit comic book series Spawn which was a huge hit in the 1990’s, and this Angela figure was part of that first generation line of action toys which was launched somewhere around 1995. In today’s standards, the figure is now considered outdated in a way since posing them is very limited to swaying of the arms, bending of the knees and placing weapons on each hand.. points of articulation was unheard of at that time but the only advantage of each action figure coming from the Todd Toys line is that of its detailing and craftsmanship then which kinda blew every single toy collector away. It wasn’t like your normal, average action figure that we knew back then because of its intricate details found on the figure, weapons and so forth. This was McFarlane’s staging point in the manufacturing of his quality toy line until he brought forth those finely detailed figures we come to know as part of his Mcfarlane Toys line which was more for displaying rather than for playing. I was somehow lucky enough to have several of those in my collection since McFarlane Toys gradually slowed down in their production of these fine figures and if I’m not mistaken, they have ceased its toy manufacturing venture permanently.

Angela action figure with huge staff that actually fires the spear.

I found several Todd Toys items selling at this toy shop and I decided to get the Angela figure first since the others were like hybrids of the original character and even though the carded packaging was at a really bad stage where you can find creases and folds all around and the plastic casing was sealed with tape for added security. I thought for a while that it might be a loose figure but the shop attendant told me that it’s brand new and the packaging was the only one in bad shape. I never gave it any second thought and bought the item right away since for one it is really affordable and second, Todd Toys were the first line of action toys produced by Todd McFarlane during the height of Spawn’s popularity and I can’t say for certain that this is already considered rare but nonetheless, it is still a classic 90’s toy and it is a must-have in my collection.

I’ve posted here several photos of Angela that I took a couple of weeks ago and if you guys would want to see the rest of the set, please do find the time to check out the entire album on our Facebook page by clicking here on this link. I hope you guys like it and ’til the next toy feature, stay safe always. Thanks!


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