Random photos on a serene afternoon…

My dad left for the province early this morning to pay his final respects to my grandfather who passed away last Monday due to a fatal heart attack, his remains will be laid to rest on Sunday… the news was so sudden that it caught us all by surprise, and these past few days were indescribable for me and my family in a way that with the sudden demise of my lolo (Tagalog word for ‘grandfather‘), it just goes to show how uncertain life can be… you’ll never know when it’s time for you to “pack up your stuff and be on your way.” All of us were preoccupied in helping out my dad prepare for his immediate trip and for me, the sudden turn of events kinda got me stalled in coming up with more toy photo features. Considering the current situation I’m in right now, I guess this is just a small breather from it all, and armed with my point & shoot camera I decided to take some snapshots in our backyard earlier this afternoon..

These photos are really nothing fancy except for the fact that they are just random shots I took of things from in and around me at that time. It’s also a good diversion for me to take snapshots of other things aside from the toys that I deal mostly every single day.

May you rest in peace, Lolo… Thank you very much for everything…


Serene afternoon...

Candle lamp post...


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