Juggy’s back for Act 08 entitled ‘Pour “Home”‘

Juggy's back in 2012 for more wacky misadventures and this time with his new set of friends

The long wait is over ladies and gentlemen and the most arrogant toy collector in the world is back to wreak havoc once more in 2012 with more seriously insane situations along with new, unfortunate souls bearing witness to his wacky flair for arrogance in ‘Juggy: The Arrogant Toy Collector.”

For his opening salvo, Juggy tags along some of his new friends as they go on a shopping spree only to learn later on that something was missing… something wasn’t just right. To find out more, click here and read more about our little Nimrod’s dilemma in Act 08 simply entitled ‘Pour “Home”.’ ‘Til next time folks, stay safe always!


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