Toy Fair Treasures: Azusa Nakano gashapon from K-On!

My Azusa Nakano gashapon photographed in low-light

Azusa and her famous Fender Mustang

The anime K-On! was probably one of the last anime series that I got to watch in its entirety on TV courtesy of Animax for which Fairy Tail came in second on my list, but sadly never got to finish the first season’s few remaining episodes since my dad decided to switch cable providers and Animax was non-existent in their channel line-up… as I was beginning to like Erza Scarlet and her cool set of armor during transformation… phooey! Anyways, K-On! is your typical in-your-face, no-preservatives-added kind of anime series that is just oozing with 100% unadulterated kawaii-ness from start to finish. It’s one straight out cutesy anime about the girls of Sakuragaoka Girl’s High School who joined the Light Music Club until they decided to form a band they named Ho-kago Tea Time (or After School Tea Time) which also became their launching pad to be recognized as one of the best girl bands around. Though there were interesting factors injected into the series and one of them was the precise detailing (whether physical or verbal) of the musical instruments they used which included historical or factual details. If I’m not mistaken they even got to mention in one of the dialogues the names of legendary musicians Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page who also got to play the iconic Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Yui Hirasawa was using… So with this in mind, K-On! wasn’t just pure kawaii for kawaii’s sake… it also had substance as well.

While her guitar gently weeps…

Azusa Nakano is the youngest and one of the most talented members in the band who plays the Fender Mustang electric guitar, and oftentimes the only girl in the Light Music Club that Yui likes to tease. Though having that constant fear that all the other members will sooner or later graduate and leave the band, but as the story goes, Azusa will soon take the new role as president of the Light Music Club on the second season of K-On!! (notice the two exclamation points after ‘K-On’ which symbolically denotes the series’ second season.) Even though I became a fan of the anime but not even once did I own a toy figure of any K-On! member… The genuine figures are expensive to purchase and even the bootlegs are quite a bit pricey as well, and though it’s been a habit of mine to buy figures separately and not as a set makes it quite difficult for me to achieve since most toy shops sell anime characters in sets, but it was during last year’s Christmas Toy Fair at the SM Megamall where I got the chance to have my very first K-On figure and I was in luck since I got the last gashapon piece of Azusa Nakano selling at one of the participating stalls during the event. Though she may not be (technically) one of the main leads in the series but nonetheless, I like Azusa better than most of the girls of After School Tea Time… this is a start for me and hopefully in the future I can get to complete the entire cast of K-On! displaying inside my room among my toy collection. ‘Til the next toy feature ladies and gentlemen, stay safe always!


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