Toy Fair Treasures: Kamen Rider 2 Nigo gashapon

One of the legendary pioneers of Henshin: Kamen Rider 2 (Nigo)

Belated Happy New Year to all of you folks… For my very first blog entry for 2012, I would like to share to all of you another great find that I’ve purchased last December during the 6th Christmas Toy Fair held at the SM Megamall. And it’s none other than a gashapon figure of the legendary Kamen Rider 2 (Nigo). Just to give you a brief background history of Kamen Rider 2: The birth of the Henshin superheroes (Henshin meaning ‘transformation’ in English) came about in 1971 when Kamen Rider was conceptualized for television as a Japanese tokusatsu series by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, and Nigo is the second protagonist to appear from the tokusatsu programme franchise. Like his predecessor, they both shared almost the same outfit but with different color schemes and that prominent headgear which was modeled after a grasshopper. Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider 2 both rode on these really cool motorcycles and with their kick-ass moves and cinematic martial arts expertise, they vow to protect Japan and the entire world from the clutches of Shocker, a terror organization who was, in a way, responsible in creating these superheroes that luckily escaped the ‘final brainwashing‘, and with their moral conscience and sanity intact, the two Kamen heroes fought Shocker and its minions either side-by-side or on solo missions.

My Kamen Rider 2 gashapon

The entire original series run of Kamen Rider lasted until February of 1973, but it left a huge impact on the imagination of the Japanese audience that it sparked a new revolution of science fiction superheroes belonging to the Henshin genre which later evolved to another form of superheroes called Sentai which will be dominated by legendary Super Sentai pioneers such as GoRanger (1975), JAKQ Dengekitai (1977), Battle Fever J (1979) just to name a few. Most probably a lot of you guys out there couldn’t relate with these characters that I’ve mentioned, but basically in the decades that followed after the birth of Henshin and Sentai, it became a staging point for the rise of other modern masked heroes like Shaider, Bioman, Jetman, (Mighty Morphin) Power Rangers, Saban’s Masked Rider and many others.

I was lucky enough to have found this wonderful gashapon of Kamen Rider 2 at the stall of Akihabara Toys during the Toy Fair and I never took chances and immediately bought it since Kamen Rider is all too familiar with yours truly who is, in a way, lucky enough to have been aware when Henshin, Sentai and the first Anime wave made its initial mark in the Philippines more than 30-years ago… But it was with Kamen Rider that changed everything… from the perception of crime-fighting superheroes as stereotype individuals in masks or capes with superhuman strength and powers to pushing the limits of one’s imagination in giving the audience new and exciting ways of vanquishing evil in this world through jaw-dropping battles and finishing off the main bad guy at the end of every episode with a final blow loaded with cinematic artistry that will leave everyone, literally, at the edge of their seats. And if you guys would want to check out the other photos I took of Kamen Rider 2, please do visit our Facebook page by clicking here. ‘Til next time folks, stay safe always!


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