A bodyguard named Hannibal…

Meet Hannibal, Juggy's ill-fated bodyguard on the latest issue of 'Juggy: The Arrogant Toy Collector."

Juggy’s newly-hired bodyguard has finally been revealed! And now this small blunder’s arrogance has reached its peak and no one’s going to stop him from creating more menace to the toy-collecting society, as long as Hannibal is around! And unfortunately, Nen D. Roid was at the wrong place at the wrong time as Juggy formally introduces his ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ to her, much to Nen’s dismay!

Check out the 5th installment to our little Nimrod’s misadventures simply entitled ‘Act 05: Hannibal‘ by clicking here or you can visit Juggy: The Arrogant Toy Collector for the complete series.


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