Reach out and hire someone!

Juggy gets someone to watch his back as he continues his annoying adventures on 'Juggy: The Arrogant Toy Collector'

Feeling threatened and surprisingly annoyed with the presence of his arch nemesis Nen D. Roid, our loudmouth toy collector schemes his way on hiring a bodyguard who will back him up whenever “danger and uncertainty” lurks when he least expects it… And unfortunately, one poor soul decided to bite the bullet and answer Juggy’s call… there’s indeed something wrong with the world today and I don’t know what it is!

Read all about it as we feature Juggy’s latest misadventure on Juggy: The Arrogant Toy Collector simply entitled ‘Act 04: For Hire‘ just click here and see this small blunder have his arrogant ego reach new heights thanks to his new “henchman”…


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