My Macross Plus YF-21 figure

It all started with that bootleg Macross Valkyrie I got when I was a kid that made me determined to someday have myself some, if not, just even one decent Macross toy in my grasp. Kids the same age as mine had all the luck back then when their parents gave them this huge, classic and transformable diecast Valkyrie toy when the animated series Macross (or popularly known in the U.S. as Robotech) became the craze in the 1980’s. I remember myself back then fixing my gaze at those lovely Macross diecast toys displayed at several shop windows in Greenhills, but that was all it will ever be… an eternal stare, a glass window separating me from the toy I always wanted and a lot of wishful thinking that sadly never materialized… up until recently that I decided to fill that childhood void and somehow fulfilled that long, forgotten promise now that I’m in my late 30’s. It’s never too late to realize your dreams, no matter how big or trivial they may be.

Since I’ve embraced once again my love for photography and taking photographs of toys became my passion, it was time to retrace my steps and pick-up the ones I’ve left behind, particularly the toys that I never had in the past and buy them if they are still being sold in the market. It’s nice to know that there are toy manufacturers out there who would revive several classic toy lines today for the present generation to love and cherish, though it may not be like the ones that we were used to but all the same, a toy will always be a toy that anyone can enjoy. As for my longing to have a decent Macross toy figure, thanks to toy companies like Revoltech and Yamato and they still manage to produce some of the best Macross/Robotech toy lines to date. Whether they’d be PVC or diecast versions, it doesn’t matter much to me, if you like it, buy it!

The Macross Plus YF-21 action toy figure from Yamato

And here is one of ’em toys from the Macross Plus series… it’s the GN-U DOU YF-21 figure from Yamato. I got to purchase this one on sale from a toy shop that was selling this figure dirt cheap along with another item from the GN-U DOU line of Yamato, the VF-11B figure. It was a big mistake on my part for not having to make that decisive move to buy the VF-11B while I had that chance since I’ve been eyeing on it for some time whenever I get to visit the shop, and as soon as I got there one weekend, it was already gone and the YF-21 was all that’s left… right there and then I took it out from the shelf and bought the YF-21 right away before I blame myself for committing another grave mistake. The selling price in the market for these toys from the GN-U DOU toy line would cost around Php 1,500 each (around $35.00 ++), but I got it for only less than half of its original price! The reviews are great about them from the way the toys are made up to its hassle-free flexibility when you move the joints for some nice action poses. Overall I love this toy figure not only because it’s a Macross variable but the quality and satisfaction you’ll be getting from it is just plain awesome, a common factor for all Yamato items being sold in the market today.

The feeling of having a decent Macross toy figure in my hands made me feel like a kid again and I  just can’t take off that big smile on my face having to know that you got what you wanted after more than three decades, and aside from this I still have other Macross items in tow but I’ll be saving it for later. For now that void in me has started to diminish though not quite completely for there are still other toys that I have yet to find and purchase before I can say that I have finally accomplished my childhood goal.


2 thoughts on “My Macross Plus YF-21 figure

    • It was another big steal indeed, sadly the shop only had those two (VF-11B & YF-21) on sale. The other shops might be selling the same units pero same price tag, around 1.5k each. I think Great Toys still has some of them though not sure how much and what variables are available.

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