Juggy: Arrogance personified and so much more

It started off with a single Minimates figure and a wacky idea that eventually led me one day to this thing called “photo-comics” or whatever the proper term is. It has been so long since I made my last comic book, story-wise and art-wise, and all I ever did in recent times was to go behind the lens of my camera and take photographs of toys. Though I have already announced to the entire world that I have “temporarily retired” from doing pen and inks for comics, it doesn’t mean that I have completely forsaken it… But somehow I wanted to try out something that might get me interested, like fusing altogether my love for toys, photography and comics. With an impromptu script, the toys to act out my story, a set of photos that I took one afternoon and with a little help from Photoshop, I have managed to come up with a pilot issue though everything was made without “proper planning” so to speak, a habit that I’ve been accustomed to since my Bedbugs days.

Juggy in one of his crazy, arrogant moments from Act 01

Ok here’s my crazy concept… Juggy or Jugg R. Naught (the main character inspired, obviously, from my Juggernaut Minimates figure) is a retired mutant villain who wanted to start something worthwhile like having a hobby, until he found himself drawn to toy collecting. Having to be known and branded as “unstoppable” like his character from X-Men, he never wanted anyone to get in his way and he wanted to be the best… only the best! And he’ll do anything and everything just to be that supreme toy collector that the world has ever known. All of his toy collection are one-of-a-kind and exclusive that he will go the distance to make his toys far more better and cooler than the ordinary stuff that his counterparts collect. This is just another product of my wild and mad imagination and this parody shouldn’t be taken seriously because nothing was and will ever be serious in Juggy’s world, only his hilarious flair for arrogance will take him from one insane situation to another. The title of my photo-comics series is ‘Juggy: The Arrogant Toy Collector‘ and if you guys want to check him out or if you’re just curious on what the hell I’ve been blabbing about, just click here and you’re on your way to meet the most arrogant toy collector the (cyberworld) world wide web has ever known… Thanks!


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