DSLRs vs. Point and Shooters – from my point of view

Recently ladies and gentlemen, someone had told me that she wanted to try out toy photography but she had this dilemma on whether to use a regular point and shoot or a DSLR camera for this kind of endeavor. This question has become a staple for most people who wanted to try out photography regardless of the field of expertise they wanted to embark on. But focusing on the topic of toy photography and based on my experience, whether you use a point and shoot or a DSLR for that matter, as long as you know the basics and you know how to tweak your camera depending on how you wanted your shots to be, then you’re good to go. Photography as a whole isn’t about how expensive your gears are and sadly nowadays it has become a playground for show-offs who would brag about their latest and expensive DSLR units along with their wide collection of lenses and so forth, and now the rookies who sincerely wanted to try out photography are starting to bow down to this kind of pressure. But for me personally, whether you use a point and shooter or a DSLR, as long as you have the eye for taking good shots, that creativity to boost your photos even further and the heart to learn more about this hobby, then that’s all that really matters.

It is an open fact that photography is an expensive hobby and like me, I too started out with the use of a point and shooter because primarily I wanted to learn more about digital photography since I have been accustomed to analog photography (where you use film rolls to take photos) for years and it was time to go with the flow and embrace this new technology, though DSLRs were available in the market, I never jumped the gun and bought one right away since everything was new to me, it’s better to start out and familiarize yourself with the simple ones before tackling the big guns if and when you’re ready to get serious with photography. Now, speaking from my own point of view on whether to use a point and shoot or a DSLR for toy photography, well, it’s your choice, but for me personally if you want quality, effectiveness and pinpoint accuracy for your photos then using a DSLR will get the job done. It took me a couple of months before I was able to save up and buy myself a decent DSLR camera, and having bought an entry-level DSLR model was enough since one, I’m not a professional photographer, secondly, the unit has all the basic functions that I need which includes the Mode Dial for the different shooting programs and the Command Dial for making immediate adjustments to your shots, and lastly, I don’t have the financial capacity to throw away hundreds of thousands of Pesos for a full-frame unit since it’s just a hobby and not my line of work, and I truly believe that to produce great photos, it doesn’t rely on the brand, model nor on the price of the camera, it all relies on the photographer’s expertise on how he or she executes the shot. Though today there are other camera models in the market that are smaller, compact and has the same (if not almost the same) functions as a DSLR but its price range can still be a bit expensive for those who are on a budget. But the bottom line here is this, anyone can produce a great photo regardless of what medium they use. I’ve seen nice photos taken using an iPhone, Blackberry, mobile phones or other devices for that matter… and all it takes is proper timing, focus and creativity. There are many ways for you to enjoy toy photography (or photography in its entirety) without having to spend a fortune in purchasing a camera, whether you use a point & shoot or a DSLR, as long as you’re happy with it and you love what you’re doing, then go!

(* Disclaimer: These are just my personal takes on the topic discussion between Point & Shoot and DSLR cameras which are based from my own experiences as an amateur hobbyist and I am in no way enforcing my views as professional opinions)


3 thoughts on “DSLRs vs. Point and Shooters – from my point of view

    • Thanks Raipo, just stating the facts bro, quite sad to know that there are people who are pressured to have a DSLR because it’s the “in” thing right now and not for its real intended purpose of helping you improve a notch higher with your photography skills like giving you better photos and enhancing your creativity as a budding photographer. It became a status symbol to brag about and it’s a real pity.

  1. You don’t need to spend money on the camera.

    As long as you have the perspective a point and shoot digital camera with a super macro option is a good enough to bring around.

    Toy Photography is not limited to just indoors. For the reason a point & shoot camera is a better option especially to novice shooters who wants to get into this hobby.

    Even one friend uses a simple phone camera with a decent mega pixel brings it around.

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