A hot and sexy PVC figure named Heat Blade…

Tsukasa Bullet Heat Blade by Tsukasa Jun (Yamato)

I may not be that knowledgeable when it comes to these awesome and intricately-detailed PVC figures but I do know for a fact that they are quite expensive to purchase and somehow “delicate” when it comes to assembling the parts. Some figures have items that can be very tricky to piece together, like having small pegs or openings on the figure’s weapons, armor and all… and with just one wrong move on that assembly you’ll be finding yourself ranting and cursing for the next couple of days or more! It was only recently that I began to appreciate ’em lovelies through a friend of ours who is an avid collector of these figs, and it was during that first photo shoot we did with his toy figures for Made in X that has somehow opened my eyes to the beauty that they possess… an up close encounter with them changed everything for me, and now I find myself searching through the internet for updates on the latest figures that are out in the market or in the works.

But there’s this one particular PVC figure that has caught my fancy lately and I should say that she’s a looker in every single way and for those who are into collecting toy figures, I’m pretty sure you will agree with me as well once you get a good look at the lovely Heat Blade from Tsukasa Bullet. I must admit that Japanese illustrator Tsukasa Jun is one brilliant artist who comes up with these fine, seductive works of art that will leave you breathless! And with toy manufacturer Yamato at the helm, they bring to life Jun’s awesome artwork with its intricately detailed armor/weapon, a well-sculpted body and a beautifully painted face that will leave you sighing like crazy! Heat Blade got my jaw dropping in seconds and I’m loving her every single day! I know this baby comes with a very expensive price tag and as for me, looking her up through the internet and appreciating her through somebody else’s photo impression is enough for me… ’til next time folks!


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