The untimely destruction of my Matatabi toy figure from China, Divisoria

I never thought that things would end up this way… I was saving the best for last but it turned out to be a tragic one, and here is my story… A couple of months ago when I was still at my gung-ho peak in going to Divisoria ever since I discovered that there were existing toy shops that sold mostly anime figures at close-to-dirt-cheap prices… genuine or bootlegs, they’ve got it all there! There was one place that I went to where it was an entire small building filled with toy wholesalers that sold plastic toys galore from China. I was so mesmerized with what I saw that I told myself that I will not leave this place until I get my hands on a few items, and with that I was able to purchase for myself some toy items which included this Matatabi toy figure from the anime Cyborg Kuro-Chan that I bought for only Php 70 ($1.00 ++) though the item showed signs of quality issues like the plastic was all yellow and stuff but it was still intact and by the looks of it, damage-free. I had a handful of items bought from that particular Divisoria adventure and almost all of them had been featured on our Made in X Facebook page except for the Matatabi toy which I vowed to feature on a later date but not sometime soon because it was still sealed perfectly knowing at that time that the toy might be in tip-top shape… and so I thought!

Last August 17 I finally made that move and I decided that it was time to unbox Matatabi and feature him on Made in X, so that afternoon I grabbed myself a box cutter and carefully carved my way in opening the packaging since it has been my habit now of taking care of it so that I can place back the toy items as soon as I’m done taking photos of them. I excitedly took out the Matatabi figure with the other items that came along like a small key chain version of Matatabi, a Gatlin gun-like piece that you attach on its right hand, and a small brochure that contains the other Cyborg Kuro-Chan items being sold by that particular toy company from China. I already had plans on what to do with my newly-unboxed toy, but I wasn’t prepared for anything that happened afterwards… and it was really disappointing in all aspects! Like I said earlier, I was saving it for last.

My damaged Matatabi figure lies dead on my diorama pavement…

Matatabi’s hands and feet are detachable while its legs and arms are bendable… the very first flaw that I’ve noticed was that his hands and feet tend to get loose once you start bending and forming the arms and legs for different poses, and the sad thing is that even those (the bendable arms and legs) were in bad shape and are not that flexible anymore. The second flaw was Matatabi’s right arm which supposedly lights up at the tip once you get to attach the Gatlin gun-like piece on it. It is given that all the “lighted” parts won’t work anymore since the item has worn out for God-knows-how-many-years have passed, but having that weapon piece not to fit or attach smoothly to its right arm was annoying and it made things really difficult for me though I’ve been patiently and carefully figuring things out on how to fix one problem to another. But the worst came unexpectedly as I was trying to attach for the Nth time the machine gun piece on its right arm when it suddenly cracked and snapped off in an instant! Matatabi’s arm was hanging loosely with two exposed electrical wires… and I said to myself that it was all over, the Matatabi toy figure was a big disappointment, quality-wise and it is now somewhat destroyed and dysfunctional. I just wanted to throw away everything in the garbage but I never let my impulsiveness get in the way, and to make this long story short, I was able to find new ways on how to utilize it, and the photo that you’re seeing above will tell you exactly what I did to Matatabi and it still made it to my Made in X toy photo collection album.

There was still hope with that damaged toy you thought was no longer useful, but it looked great for other purposes as long as you get your creative juices flowing and make use of it for something else… and using it as a diorama figure just hits the spot big time! The photo is just a sample but I’ll be working on it some more so I hope you guys do stick around for more updates soon. ‘Til next time!


2 thoughts on “The untimely destruction of my Matatabi toy figure from China, Divisoria

    • Hello, Mitch. I bought the Matatabi toy at this wholesale place which is located inside this old building somewhere in Divisoria. I’m pretty sure that place has a proper name but unfortunately I forgot it already since it has been years since I last went there. But if you are looking for action figures, go to the 168 mall and the 999 Shopping Mall. The toy stores are located on different floors, you won’t miss it. It may be different now since I haven’t been there for quite a long while now but you can ask around for the toy shops that may still exist there. Thanks Mitch and happy toy hunting 🙂

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