Made in X’s first “official” photoshoot at Adrian’s place

Last August 07 (Sunday) I was bound for Makati once more to meet-up with my friend Adrian at their place for Made in X‘s first official photoshoot with a big cargo of nice, badass toy figures that had to be pulled out from Greenhills courtesy of Francis (one of Adrian’s closest buddies from college who is an avid toy collector.) I came along with them in the hopes of finding me an IR remote that I need to buy for my camera, and at the same time check out the toys Francis purchased since Adrian had mentioned in the past that it was totally a gigantic stash of luscious goodies that I might get to enjoy. I was so curious as hell and I just can’t wait to get there and see them for myself… we arrived in Greenhills at around 2 p.m. and before we got down to business, the three of us had lunch first and we immediately went to V-Mall for a little toy shop hopping.

The box containing the awesome toy figures pulled out from Greenhills

It has been like three months since I last went there and I had to check out the good ol’ toy shop that I frequent to since I’m now totally clueless with what’s new in the line of toys that they’re selling. Pressed for time I immediately hopped from one shop to another hoping to find some loose Minimates figures but tough luck and I haven’t found anything that I like, so I ended up buying myself two loose gashapon figs, a Devilman Checkmate Collection on sale and the Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot figure for my sister. As soon as we’re done with our personal business, it was time to head out and go check on Francis’ toy cargo. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that huge box which was stacked with these awesome toy figures as Francis transacted with someone from the store who was making an inventory on the items he got. It will surely make any toy collector drool with envy once you get to see the toys and as for me, I just can’t wait to go back to Adrian’s place and take some snapshots of the toys for which Francis was kind enough to let us photograph. Time flew so fast and unfortunately we overstayed ourselves in Greenhills and left the establishment shortly past 8 in the evening, it only took us less than an hour to reach Makati, but with only a couple of hours to spare since it was a Sunday and for sure these guys need to rest and it’s back to work the next day, we had to make haste on what we had to do.

As soon as I was done setting up the two lamps that I brought, Adrian got the light box from his room while Francis carefully prepared the chosen toy figures by taking them out of the box. It wasn’t for long that I and Adrian’s brother Carlo took turns in taking photos of the lovely toys  inside the light box thus commencing Made in X’s first “full length” photoshoot outside my makeshift studio at home. Overall we got to photograph four of Francis’ toy figures and we could have pushed the figures to five or more if we only went back to Adrian’s a little earlier, but nonetheless all of us had a grand time that evening, and stuffing my DSLR with 165 photos taken, it was truly worth it! The guys agreed to schedule another shoot sometime soon and Francis is willing to bring some of his toy figures that we haven’t photographed yet. Tired, exhausted yet satisfied with the outcome, I decided to hang out for awhile with Adrian until I left their place shortly before 2 a.m.

A treasure trove of mouth-watering toy figures

Sweet Body Rider 1/7 Scale painted PVC Figure still intact… and this is as far as it goes folks.

The box for the Clalaclan Phirias toy figure

We have already showcased one of the toys a few days ago in Made in X’s Facebook page and it is none other than Shining Wind‘s Clalaclan Phirias, a 1/8 scale pre-painted PVC figure from Alter. If you guys want to see the rest of her photo set, please do head on over to Made in X by clicking here or just visit us at for more updates on the toys in the coming days. Thanks a bunch guys for dropping by and ’til next time!…


2 thoughts on “Made in X’s first “official” photoshoot at Adrian’s place

    • Sigh… I’m also saying the same thing inside my head about Sweet Body Rider… I wish there was something that I can do to accommodate your request bro, but the problem was Adrian’s niece was still awake at the time of the shoot and of course we were all conscious about taking it out of the box to photograph her, so we had no choice but to photograph Sweet Body Rider boxed and untouched 😦 better luck next time I suppose hehe.

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