Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot action figure (Star Wars Unleashed Series 7)

My sister has been collecting toys for quite some time now and it was only recently that she kept on bugging me to look for any Star Wars toys and figures that I can find whenever I went out of the house to check the new stuff in Greenhills, Toy Kingdom or at any toy shop for that matter. A few weeks ago she got to purchase this Republic Scout Speeder with ARF TROOPER set from the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” toy line of Hasbro which was selling at a much lower price at Toy Kingdom (The Block), but the one thing she really wanted to have from Star Wars was a Luke Skywalker figure… whether it be the 3-inch figures or the doll-like versions where you can dress them up, as long as it’s Luke Skywalker any version of him will do… as long as its affordable and easy on the budget! But nowadays finding Luke in almost all of the toys shops that I’ve been to has been futile and it seems only a handful of his pricey dolls can be seen on display.

I was in Greenhills with some of my friends last August 7 (Sunday) when I decided to drop by and check out the toy shop that I frequent to since its been months since I last went there and I had to purchase a few toy items that I’ll be needing for my blogs and Facebook page. As I did my usual rounds, I stumbled upon a goldmine! Truly there is hope in the darkest and most desperate of hours, and I can’t believe what I saw!… It’s an action figure of Luke Skywalker in his orange X-Wing pilot jumpsuit holding his light saber which came with a base! Even though it was selling as a loose item, it was still in good condition… and at Php 400 ($9.00 ++) it is way more affordable than the dolls which are 5 to 6 times more expensive! I immediately went inside the shop and asked for the item to do some thorough checking on the figure and the base for damages or whatnots, and when everything’s a go, bought good ol’ Luke and when I got home, my sister was fully satisfied with my find knowing that she got her money’s worth for a nice Skywalker figure.

The very next day my sister graciously allowed me to borrow the Luke Skywalker figure and did some snapshots of it applying a little bit of creative lighting that I have been practicing lately and here below is one of the sample shots I took. If you guys want to check out the rest of the photo set I did, you can go to Made in X and visit our Facebook page by clicking on this link. Thanks and ’til next time!

My sister’s Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot action figure (Star Wars Unleashed Series 7)


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