Veering away from the light box and turning to creative lighting

In my world of amateur toy photography, my D.I.Y. light box and two desk lamps are the most common equipment that I use whenever I get to work on the toys that I photograph inside my makeshift studio, but sometimes sticking to the same game plan every time can get to be really… boring. Oftentimes I would even make ragtag plans of taking out my toys for some outdoor photography but due to my casual flair for laziness and the really crappy weather we are experiencing nowadays, I’d find myself going back to the ol’ tabletop studio and at the same time scheming my next move. One of the things that I wanted to learn about photography is creative lighting and like other basic photography skills, this one requires yet again the proper tools to achieve the mood… and when we say proper tools, we mean the expensive ones! Time and again my firm belief in the principle of Guerilla Photography has proven to be reliable once I’ve found a cheaper and effective alternative of getting the desired results without having to spend big amounts of money for a legit equipment. From time to time I would experiment on several lighting tools from flashlights to light bulbs just to see if these babies get the accurate lighting that I’m looking for, but it was only recently that I got to purchase a small rechargeable LED lamp from Akari for Php 350 (around $7.00), the size and height of the lamp is just enough to accommodate the creative lighting process for the various sizes of my toys in my collection.

Since most of my toys are gashapons and 6-inch figures, the LED lamp is just perfect and the wattage capacity is just right to meet my lighting needs for this endeavor. I’ve already used the lamp a couple of days ago on my test subject, Vlad the Impaler (Six Faces of Madness/McFarlane Toys) and I was quite satisfied with the outcome, though I still believe that I have a long way to go and I still need to practice more on doing the angles and techniques for creative lighting. Aside from my Vlad figure, I also did a couple of test shots on my other toy figures (namely Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley from Evangelion) using a small LED flashlight, this initial attempt gave me that idea to find a much bigger one that had LED bulbs that was spewing ample white light… thus paving the way for me to buy the Akari rechargeable LED lamp. Here are some of the photo samples that I took so far:

My Rei Ayanami figure (Evangelion)

My Asuka Langley figure (Evangelion)

Vlad the Impaler figure from McFarlane Toys (Six Faces of Madness)


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