ToyCon souvenirs: Juggernaut figure from Minimates

My very first Minimates toy figure: X-Men’s Juggernaut

Here folks is the second and last item I got to purchase during the 10th Philippine Toy Convention held last June 18 to 19 at the SM Megamall, and it’s a miniature figure of X-Men‘s Juggernaut from Minimates I bought from one of the participating toy stalls there for Php 100 (roughly around $2.00). As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, I never got to really enjoy buying the toys that I want during that time since I was busy taking photos for my blog and Facebook page and at the same time the crowd was rapidly increasing by the minute and hopping from one toy stall to another can be an adventure on its own. But nevertheless, I still managed to bring home two items with me… and it’s better than having nothing at all.

Minimates were no longer new to me and I have been aware of their existence for some time now, but it was only recently that I began to have this insatiable liking for these miniature lovelies when I saw them being sold at a toy shop individually for Php 200 (around $4.00), I really would want to buy even just one Minimates figure then but for a “hefty” price for such a small item made me think twice and I decided to let it go this time hopefully to find another opportunity to get them from a shop that was selling it a more affordable price tag. And it was during the recently concluded ToyCon that I got that chance to bag one at half the price, and luckily getting one of my favorite bad guys from X-Men… the mighty Juggernaut!

Having to check and play around with it the following day I was liking the dynamics of the Minimates figures to the hilt! Liking it so much that I told myself that I’ll be purchasing more of them soon… slowly but surely I might be able to have my own Minimates collection apart from my growing number of gashapons and other toys as well.


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