The odd-looking, out-of-proportioned Policeman plastic toy figure

My plastic Policeman toy unearthed and displayed

It was during one of those times when I’m not shooting toy photos nor writing a new post for my blog that I get to come across some of those “little treasures” hidden or tucked away somewhere inside the house, and this happened to me one day when I accidentally found some of these plastic toys kept inside a plastic bag sitting on one corner of my parents’ cabinet. I remember clearly that these toys were bought as Christmas presents by my mom to be given supposedly to my ex-girlfriend’s younger nephews, unfortunately they never made it to the little kiddies and they just sat inside the cabinet gathering dust and all. But there’s this one particular toy that caught my eye and it’s this plastic toy figure of a Policeman which was somehow “out-of-proportion” in terms of its physical structure, the toy figure came with a various add-ons which included a Policeman’s badge, a bulletproof vest, handcuffs, a laptop computer, a Policeman’s cudgel, a modern machine gun rifle and a handgun plastered on its right hand which, ironically, looked like an old Western 6-shooter pistol used by Jessie James and Billy the Kid in the 1800’s!  Since the packaging was in really bad shape, I decided to rip it open and free this poor toy out of its solitary misery. After doing a quick check on the toy and cleaning out some of the dust and dirt on the items, I immediately worked on changing my new lightbox’s backdrop from white to light blue and prepared my camera as well.

After encountering several difficulties while taking snapshots of the toy figure like struggling to keep it standing upright, getting unwanted shines on the toy despite the presence of lamp diffusers and feeling unsatisfied after seeing the photos uploaded on my PC as a result from using the light blue backdrop, I have managed to work my way around these obstacles and with a little tweaking and tinkering as well, I was somehow satisfied enough with the end result. Overall this particular plastic Policeman toy is indeed one of those rare and “curious” items that you don’t get to see everyday, but somehow, it is still a toy that a kid would want to have and play with, despite having its physical deformities and average quality.


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