Going to Greenbelt and discovering CSCENTRL.COM

Yesterday I was Makati bound to drop by my friend’s place and help him work on the light box I have promised, and since he still lacks a couple of things needed to make one, we went directly to Greenbelt One and buy most of the stuff at National Bookstore. As soon as we’re done with our task, we decided to hang out for a while since leaving Greenbelt that soon would be such a waste of opportunity since I rarely go to Makati and Greenbelt as well. Of course one of the things listed on my agenda is to check out the toy shops there and since my pal Adi knows the place by heart, he led the way and it wasn’t for long that we landed first at Great Toys, there were a lot of good stuff in store but of course I wasn’t able to find anything that would fit my budget though I was literally drooling at all the figures and collectibles on display. Next stop, he showed me this other toy shop called CSCENTRL.COM and as soon as we entered, I immediately got this insatiable feeling that I’m into something good… and I even whispered to Adi that I might be able to leave this joint with a small stash of goodies in tow, and so it was time to switch on my radar and do some serious toy hunting ladies and gentlemen!

CSCENTRL.COM's wonderful line-up of gashapons

Another shot of CSCENTRL.COM's large glass display of anime figures

As soon as you enter CSCENTRL.COM you’ll be greeted with a tower-like glass display on the left loaded with gashapons and other toys, but once you get inside, there’s this even bigger glass display behind the shop’s counter stuffed with literally a sea of gashapon figures, and the neat thing about it is that you can get to buy the figs individually… Olleh! Since I’m a random toy collector and buying toy figures in sets was never really my cup of tea,  it was a good thing this awesome joint sells some, if not all of their anime figures by the piece! Adi was eyeing on several items there and for me, I have spotted a couple of possible candidates to be added to my growing collection of toys. The owner, Raymond, was there at that time and he was so friendly and accommodating that he treats his walk-in customers like his buddies, a plus factor for me since shop owners with good and commendable customer-relation skills can make or break one’s impression as a first-time customer walking into their respective stores. I left CSCENTRL.COM with two gashapons on hand and went back to Adi’s place and worked on his light box the rest of the evening. Though I may not be able to go there regularly since I live in Quezon City but I will definitely drop by that cool toy shop as soon as I get the chance to visit Adi’s place once more… or if by fate that I strangely find myself wandering within the Makati area.

CSCENTRL.COM is located at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt One, Ayala Commercial Center, Makati City or you can visit their official website at cscentrl.com


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