ToyCon souvenirs: Amon gashapon from ‘Devilman’

Though I may not have truly enjoyed doing some serious toy hunting during the 10th Philippine Toy Convention held at the SM Megamall last June 18 to 19, I still managed to purchase several items during the second and last day of the event, but I could have continued my booth-hopping spree and went home with a bigger stash of goodies if it weren’t for my tired and weary legs that were on the verge of collapsing! Knowing is half the battle, and for sure come ToyCon 2012 I’m more prepared and focused on what to do. As soon as I was done with the first half of my task in taking snapshots for my blog and Facebook page, I chanced upon this particular toy booth that was selling loose item figures (mostly gashapons), and on their display was this cool 3 to 4 inch figure of Devilman that was selling for Php 100 (roughly around $2.00) I asked the kind lady if they had other Devilman items on sale and she said there’s this other one mixed inside this fairly huge plastic container which was literally flooded with other anime figures and gashapons. As I sifted through the items looking for it, one of the ladies tending their stall was kind enough to help me look for the other Devilman item and it didn’t take long before she found the figure and handed it to me. As I looked closer, it turns out that it was this badass-looking figure of another Devilman character, the ruthless and powerful demon known as Amon. Since I already have a Devilman figure in my collection, having to purchase an Amon figure would somehow make my collection complete and so I immediately bought it and tucked it away inside my bag.

The Lord of War Amon figure from Go Nagai's 'Devilman'

For those who are not that familiar with Devilman, it first came out as a Japanese manga series which was written and illustrated by renowned manga pioneer Go Nagai (creator of Mazinger Z, Getta Robo, Violence Jack and Kekko Kamen.) The anime series was first developed by Toei in 1972 and since then the series spawned numerous manga, novels, OVAs (Original Video Animation) and films. Amon is one of the most powerful demons and is known in Hell as the Lord of War, he is also the source of Akira Fudo‘s (the main protagonist of Devilman) incredible demonic strength and abilities. Amon was fully featured in the 2000 animation ‘Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman‘, which depicted a more graphic and violent interpretation of the last chapters taken from the original Devilman manga.


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