Secret Fresh at the 10th Philippine Toy Convention 2011

The 10th Philippine Toy Convention held at the 5th level of the SM Megamall  concluded it’s successful two-day event yesterday (June 19) with a huge attendance of 20,000 strong who came to have fun with fellow toy collectors and cosplay enthusiasts from all walks of life. I gotta admit that it was my very first time to attend the ToyCon and it was surely worth it… despite having to deal with two very tired and sore legs and a busted eardrum from all the live band music glaring from the sound system. Having to arrive at the event shortly after 11 a.m., I took the opportunity to take some snapshots inside the venue since I had this weird feeling that sooner or later the entire place will be packed to the brim just like Helm’s Deep being overrun by a legion of Orcs! I sure had my instant workout from doing a lot of walking to and fro inside the three Megatrade halls and it seems I lost track of time because I was too busy focusing my attention on the toys I wanted to purchase and at the same time taking as much photos that I need for my blog. And it wasn’t for long that I stumbled upon Secret Fresh‘s booth and saw Lena Cobangbang tending the joint along with the other members of the Secret Fresh family.

The ToyCon event at the SM Megamall was packed with toy collectors and cosplay enthusiasts

The eye-catching Secret Fresh signboard

As always, my eyes feasted on the lovely stuff they have on display and I can’t help but literally drool on the Bearbricks and Doraemon figures including the Munnys, Dunnys and Tokidoki items as well. But what really caught my eye were two of Secret Fresh’s latest attraction, one of them was Bjorn Calleja‘s latest creation called ‘Color Bringer‘ which was displayed inside a glass encasement and it was so popular with the crowd that I couldn’t help but notice a lot of people stopping by the booth to take a snapshot of the figure. The other one is this 17-inch wood figure called ‘Topsy Turvy Croc‘ created by well-known stop motion animator and sculptor Amanda Visell which was launched during the ToyCon event. Later that afternoon, Secret Fresh main man Bigboy Cheng arrived at the event and we got to share some light conversation together while hanging out inside their booth until my buddy Adrian and his pal Francis dropped by after doing a few rounds of toy hunting. We eventually left the premises dead tired yet very much satisfied. It was truly an experience for me having to attend my very first Toy Convention and somehow I’ll be looking forward to next year’s ToyCon hopefully with more stuff to photograph and more toys to purchase. Congratulations to ToyCon PH for a successful event and many thanks to Bigboy Cheng, Lena Cobangbang and the rest of the Secret Fresh family for the warm accommodation.

Awesome Bearbrick figs on display

Check out these wonderful Dunnys

Doraemon figures from Japan

Colorful Tokidoki and Moofla figures

Secret Fresh’s Bigboy Cheng sharing a light moment with a lovely female cosplayer

The entire Secret Fresh family huddled for a pose with our lovely cosplayer as well

By the way guys, you can catch the toy launch and exhibit opening of Bjorn Calleja’s ‘Color Bringer’ on June 26, Sunday @ 6 p.m. at Secret Fresh located at the ground floor of the RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila or you can visit their official blog or their Facebook page for more details and upcoming events.

Bjorn Calleja’s latest creation ‘Color Bringer’


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