Turning a year older and looking back at the ruckus I’ve made…

As I hit my late-30’s and subsequently having surrendered to the fact that I have declared myself a retiree at age 37, I now look back at the things that I’ve done over the past year where I literally gambled everything that I have, and as of press time… I am having mixed emotions on whether I did the right thing or I just wasted my time on a lost cause. Having been a copywriter most of my entire career I eventually reached the end of the road and said to myself that I can no longer keep up with the pressure of having to think and write stuff in an instant for which I mastered the skill over the years from being a copywriter/producer up to my last job as a web content writer, but as the days turned to weeks and the weeks into months and months into years, the sweet taste of professional achievement started to reveal its true self and it was starting to give me that bitter aftertaste that I can no longer swallow. Gone were the days that I have to rave and rant at the deadlines while cursing at your inconsiderate, Gulag-oriented superiors! I’ve enjoyed the calm that came after the storm, but I know this won’t last forever… and I have to brace myself for a bigger storm that will sooner or later befall upon me.

Literally retired and with nothing else to do, I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of rekindling my passion for Photography and I soon found myself fusing it with my love for toy collecting, and indulging in toy photography became my refuge ever since. Having this personal blog and establishing a Facebook page dedicated to amateur toy photography was my outlet in channeling my creativity, though both my blog and my page are somehow enjoying a mildly-fair amount of following, it is still enough for me… at least there are people out there in the world who somehow found the time to take notice on what I have started… I never once asked for the entire world, I never wanted to compete because there are too many people in this lonely universe who wanted to start something big and get noticed. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and it would take guts, courage and a lot of patience to make it to the top. But remembering a friend’s advice, what matters most is that you get to enjoy what you love to do, with or without the attention of the world. Don’t misunderstand ladies and gentlemen, I love what I’m doing and I can never replace the fact that I found peace and sanctity with my toy photography rather than being a working class hero earning a substantial paycheck every month while getting all stressed, moody and agitated in return.

I know a lot of you guys out there will not agree with what I have been blabbing in this blog post and I respect that, but sometimes my human side gets in the way with the path I’ve already chosen and it would make me stop and think for a moment if all these “ruckus” I made with my life was all worth it. Indeed, life is truly fair to all… because you don’t get to have everything. There will be more challenges to face, obstacles to overcome and realities to look straight into their eyes in the coming days… I’m somehow prepared for it. I’m enjoying my life as it is, alone, one day at a time…


3 thoughts on “Turning a year older and looking back at the ruckus I’ve made…

    • Thanks bro, much appreciated 🙂 actually my birthday was yesterday hehe. Sorry ’bout the things written in here… guess I’m having those birthday blues once more…

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