An unexpected Harley Quinn gift from a friend

A close-up shot of the Harley Quinn figure I got from a friend

I guess this was one of the best gifts I got in recent times and it was truly unexpected. I was never a big fan of Harley Quinn but when I got this gashapon figure as a gift, I immediately fell in love with the entire 3-inch figure which was beautifully molded and detailed from top to bottom.

A few days after receiving this nice figure, I had a blast taking snapshots of Harley inside the lightbox and one of ’em photos is the one you’re seeing above. Things like this don’t come by so often and this one will be personally cherished as one of my best figure pieces in my collection.


4 thoughts on “An unexpected Harley Quinn gift from a friend

    • I never expected anything like this chong, I was really grateful for it since this doesn’t happen everyday. This is one of those rare moments in your life where you get something really nice when you least expect it 🙂

    • Hi Billy, sorry for the super late reply, it is only now that I’ve checked the comments here on my blog, my apologies. I’m not so sure if this is still available in the market since this was just given to me as a gift from a friend and this particular Harley Quinn figure was released a couple of years back. Most probably there are some out there being sold over the net though I not particular if it’s selling like on Ebay or something 🙂 I wish I can be of more help but that is as far as I know about the Harley figure. Thanks for the comment Billy and stay safe always!

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