The closest thing I’ll ever get to owning a Getter Robo figure (for now)

This, I guess, would be one of my biggest frustrations in life and after waiting so long for that right opportunity to come by, I have finally found one for myself though it may not be what I really wanted to have, still this is more than enough for me… a classic super mecha hero that you loved watching on TV during your growing up years… it’s none other than good ol’ Getter Robo!

I never got the chance to own a diecast version of it nor those big and stiff plastic figures that you get to buy at a public market or from a sidewalk vendor that sold plastic toys straight from China. It was in this one store in Greenhills that I have finally found a Getter Robo plastic figure and thought to myself that, almost three decades of depriving myself in owning a Getter Robo toy was enough and since I can’t afford to buy the diecast versions (Ban Dai and Revoltech) from toy specialty shops , this one will do just fine.

My one and only Getter Robo figure in my collection

I still have a lot of other Super Robot Hero figures to collect as part of my mission to catch up with my so-called “lost childhood fun” and I’m just taking things one day at a time, and I’m sure I’ll be able to complete my mission someday soon.


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