Divisoria Treasures: Bom-Bom Police toy figures

Divisoria can be a diverse world for most Filipinos when it comes to finding stuff that are useful, rare and very much affordable. Stuff that you won’t usually find inside a mall, Divisoria’s got ’em all. But for a random toy collector like me, this place has become my new mecca for toys great and small… Bootleg or originals, you can purchase them dirt cheap. My never-ending search for those toy shops in Divisoria continues, and it was during one of those sweltering trips that I stumbled upon a small, rundown three-storey building where it housed a sea of wholesale and retail toy traders selling mostly plastic toys from China. I was so amazed with what I’m seeing as my eyes feasted on the stacks upon stacks of toys that greeted me as I braved the narrow corridors along the way. I was speechless and too exhilarated with my new discovery.

It was in one of those shops that I saw a huge box full of these toys called ‘Bom Bom Police‘ that looked like characters from Bomberman but looking at it up close, its entire body structure somehow was patterned from the B-Daman toy line (having the round hollow space on its chest where a specially-made marble can be placed while a blaster is connected from the back which serves as a launcher) I got so curious about it that I started rummaging through the box to look for others that were in good shape… but what surprised me the most is the price for each of these babies… Php 15.00 per piece! (roughly $0.30 each) I immediately bought four of them before leaving the shop and went home once again feeling like a winner!

Here are some of the photos I took a few days after I bought them and overall these B-Daman/Bomberman hybrids are worth it, aside from its very affordable price tag, you can either play around with it for a while or just simply have them as part of your toy collection. ‘Till next time, happy toy hunting!

One of Divisoria's hidden toy treasures: The Bom Bom Police toy figures from China


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