My two Panda Z figures

I was very much aware of Panda Z‘s existence for quite some time now but it was only recently that I got my first encounter with Panda Z figures upfront when I was with the entire Bedbugs last December at the 2Rats Eastwood Mall in Libis. They were selling two versions of it for Php 500 each ($11.00 ++) which is quite pricey for a PVC figure but nevertheless I was contemplating on getting one for myself if ever I get the chance to return to Eastwood Mall. Thankfully it was during one of my visits to Greenhills with my buddy and Made in X PR honcho Adi where we accidentally saw the same Panda Z figures being sold as pre-owned items for only Php 180 (roughly around $4.00)

Panda Z figure (version 1/black and white) with three interchangeable hand weapons

Due to budget restraints I did not get to buy the two Panda Z figures at once instead I opted to buy them separately, getting the black and white figure first then a few weeks later the bronze/copper was next. One of the coolest things about these Panda Z figs is that you can interchange its hands with three other “hand weapons” that comes along with the figure itself, aside from the fact that it’s a bad-ass parodic figure to the legendary Japanese mecha superhero Mazinger Z! Though this is suspected to be bootleg items, I just can’t help but still want them badly in my collection. ‘Till next time, happy toy hunting and advance Happy Easter to all!

Version 2 of the Panda Z figure (copper or bronze) with three interchangeable hand weapons


4 thoughts on “My two Panda Z figures

  1. pandamom says:

    hello i was wondering if there’s still this PANDA Z available in Libis ? would you still know ? you see my son is collecting all PANDA items and i dont think he’s aware of this PANDA Z and i know it would make him extra happy to have both colors . . . kindly email me if you think there’s still available i would really appreciate it so much thank you and God bless

    • Hi pandamom, I’m not quite sure if the Panda Z figures being sold at 2Rats (Eastwood Mall) are still available, my last visit there was December of last year and unfortunately I never went back there again since I got hold of the two exact Panda Zs sold at a much lower price in Greenhills. I think that the Panda Z figures in Libis might still be there though I would suggest that you’d try to visit the shop at the Eastwood Mall just to be sure :). Or I can ask the shop in Greenhills if they still have extra stocks once I get the chance to go there one of these days. I’ll try to give you a reply at the soonest time possible once I have confirmed the spare Panda Z figures from the guys at the shop. Thanks pandamom and have a nice day πŸ™‚

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