Divisoria treasures: Sauron 12-inch bootleg figure — certified authentic!

It wasn’t long ago that I got a comment from The Monster Brothers regarding an article I made about this 12-inch Sauron bootleg figure I bought from a toy shop in Divisoria about a month ago that made me realize that I made a very grave mistake in taking for granted the things you should do to certify the authenticity of your toys, and that includes the little details you might find hidden somewhere within the toy figure. Maybe I was just so careless and caught up in the moment about the Sauron figure since it only came with some plain, transparent plastic packaging and his huge, bad-ass looking mace was nowhere to be found that made me believe that it was just a Class A replica of the real thing though the details on Sauron’s armor are so intricately made that even the One Ring he’s wearing never had any flaws in terms of how it was placed or painted on his right index finger. But nonetheless I still insisted that the Sauron figure was still a bootleg, a well-crafted bootleg.

The factory reject Sauron figure I once thought as a bootleg

That comment from the Monster Brothers was my wake-up call when they told me if I’m positive that the Sauron figure I got was a genuine bootleg and not a reject, what hit me the most big time about their comment was when they asked if I had checked the bottom of the figure’s feet for trademark stampings, I immediately went to my room and got the Sauron figure from my display cabinet only to get the shock of my life upon looking underneath that there were indeed trademark stampings that read (on the right foot) © 2002 NLP, Inc. Marvel Ent. Inc, (on the left foot) Made in China! I was just at lost for words and I told myself how could I be so careless about these things… Okay, okay I’m guilty as charged and it was an honest mistake on my part, but I admit that I’m not quite familiar with the LOTR toy line and given the circumstances and the condition of the figure, I honestly had no idea that the Sauron figure is authentic… my bad. Now I can truly say that this Sauron figure was a good find and a good buy as well, imagine having to purchase it for only Php 180 ($4.00) from its original market price of $14.00 (Php 600 plus) for a mint condition piece being sold on eBay. It was really nice to know that I got the Sauron figure at a really low price plus the fact that it was a reject and not a bootleg item all along, but nonetheless, whether it may be genuine or a replica, I’d still buy good ol’ Necromancer and add him to my collection.


2 thoughts on “Divisoria treasures: Sauron 12-inch bootleg figure — certified authentic!

    • It was such a big surprise for me to learn that the Sauron figure I got from 168 is authentic thanks to you guys and now 168 is definitely on my top list of places to go if I need more loose figures to photograph. By the way, i got to check your FB page just a while ago and it looks promising, though I’m still not done going through everything in there but there’s this big possibility I’ll be visiting your page frequently and hopefully purchase some stuff very soon!

      By the way guys, I too also have a Facebook page called Made in X, I hope you guys do find the time to check out some of our toy photo collection there: http://www.facebook.com/madeinx Thanks guys!

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