SM bargain toy treasures: Bandai Masked Rider Kaijin Series Faiz 555 Orphnoch 05

There was this warehouse-like store that I frequent to which was located at the SM Annex (SM City North EDSA) where they sold a fairly big number of toys on sale, most of them consisting of old stocks with slight damages on the packaging and they were also selling stuff that you would probably get to see and buy only in Divisoria. I knew right there and then that the store was under SM’s supervision and they put up the store to somehow dispose all of their old toy stocks by marking down their price tags way below their original amount. I too had my share of the excitement as I patiently sifted through their stuff to find me some nifty toy to buy and had successfully bought a number of items as well from my previous visits, but it was this one visit to their warehouse store sometime last year that really hit the spot and I can truly say that I hit the jackpot with this one… though it was marred by regrets afterwards. Here’s my story…

The Masked Rider Kaijin Series Faiz 555 Orphnoch 05 from Bandai I bought for only Php 50.00

I was accompanying my sister at the SM City North EDSA when I told her to meet me after 30 minutes and I needed to check out for new stuff at the warehouse sale. Upon arriving the place was packed with new toys on sale and I began to do my thorough searching that led me to the back portion of the store where I saw a stack of toys lying there and as I was rummaging through it, I stumbled upon a number of these six-inch Japanese PVC figures from Bandai called Masked Rider Kaijin Series Faiz 555 Orphnoch 05. I knew for a fact that this particular figure is quite expensive when you buy it from local toy shops but I got the surprise of my life when I learned that they were selling it for only Php 50 ($ 1.00 something) compared to its normal selling price in the market that can go as high as $45.00 for a mint condition piece on eBay (Php 1,980 each) I never took my chances and got one for myself and went home later that afternoon feeling yet again like a winner… but something was starting to bother me, as if someone was telling me that I could have bought another one of that toy figure, or two for that matter since it was only Php 50! I told myself that I’ll be going back to the warehouse sale next weekend and get two more of those lovelies… but it never happened!

Due to unforseen events and unexpected laziness I never went back to SM North EDSA the following weekend, and it was only after like three weeks when I found myself taking the main bridge connecting to the SM Annex in a hurry… only to get the shock of my life to find the entire joint closed (for good) and friggin’ empty! I felt stunned and numb by this sudden tragedy and I was just full of regrets at that moment not knowing what was going to greet me that fateful day. It was another hard lesson learned, but nevertheless, I still got to own one and that was better than not having to buy one at all.


2 thoughts on “SM bargain toy treasures: Bandai Masked Rider Kaijin Series Faiz 555 Orphnoch 05

    • Hi Ronald, well due to my laziness then I was not able to go back to Toy Express immediately to buy another Orphnoch and that planned “next weekend” turned into 3-long weeks and when I came back to Toy Express they were gone! I’ve learned my lesson well with this incident and I told myself, if I get to come across a toy item that is selling at a very affordable, or sometimes at an insanely cheap price then don’t hesitate to purchase only one item, get two or three of those if it fits your budget.

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