Tales from the Darkseid…

I just can’t help but look back at one particular funny incident that happened to my buddy Sherwin last year when we and the rest of my pals from Bedbugs (an underground comics art group we formed back in 1996) had this small get-together. Our meeting place was at Metrowalk in Pasig and it was there that I showed them the shops where I buy my affordable toys for my collection. First up we dropped by Anime Eztazion but surprisingly the shop was closed at that time so we immediately made our way to the other shop where I luckily found and bought the Paula Atsuko Ebner mini bust figure from the Japanese movie ‘Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean.’

As the guys were browsing over the stuff, Sherwin first saw and bought a miniature diorama of Spider Man and Sandman fighting only to have it exchanged for a Darkseid figure he saw hidden amongst a row of toys, and he got it for only Php 135 (roughly around $3.00) Later that afternoon we transferred to the Eastwood Mall in Libis where Adrian accompanied us to 2Rats and I never felt so excited to see such wonderful line-up of toys being sold at affordable prices! We were busy checking each and every toy inside their display cabinets when we heard Sherwin reacted to something that he saw… we all approached him and asked what was going on.

Here is the exact Darkseid figure my pal Sherwin was raving (and ranting) about

He was pointing at one of the display cabinets and we saw that the store was selling also the Darkseid figures that he purchased earlier at Metrowalk, though we were kinda puzzled as to why he had to react he then again asked us to look closely at one of the figures which happens to have a price tag that can be clearly seen from the outside… and to our big surprise, the Darkseid figure being sold at 2Rats is only priced at Php 37! (roughly around $0.80) We couldn’t help but laugh inside the shop as Sherwin ranted and cursed at the thought that he was ‘duped’ by Php 100 while 2Rats sold it way down from what Sherwin originally purchased, and what irked him more is the fact that there were so many Darkseid figures to choose from! We knew that our buddy didn’t take the entire issue seriously and instead he made fun of it until we had our dinner at Fazoli‘s where we laughed our asses off just thinking about Sherwin’s tragic and hilarious fate!

Though I wouldn’t want to think that the shop at Metrowalk are selling overpriced items but it just so happens that my friend became a victim of circumstances and even I was caught unaware of it until we saw the other marked-down Darkseid figures at 2Rats. I have already bought several items from that shop, aside from the Paula Atsuko Ebner bust figure, and to me the prices are still way reasonable, but more importantly I think that I still got my money’s worth from the other items I purchased. Sometimes it pays to be instinctively vigilant and witty so to speak when you step inside a toy shop that sells loose items and thinking twice before purchasing them can also make a big difference if this particular item is really worth buying or should I place it down and do another round of toy hunting hoping to find another establishment that also sells the same item and check on their prices as well… unless if you REALLY want that toy figure then come hell or high waters I won’t leave the place until that baby is already inside the plastic bag and ready to be shipped back home with you. But then again, it is still your call… whatever floats your boat then go right ahead, just don’t regret anything later if you get to find out (accidentally) that you’ve been majorly duped one way or another… what’s more important is that certain feeling of joy and satisfaction that particular toy figure gives you… no more, no less.


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