He-Man, Battle Cat, Man-E-Faces and a lot of fond memories from the 80’s

I’m back ladies and gentlemen after a semi-long vacation and thanks to that nasty cold now I have to do a lot of catching up on my blog posts and toy photos that needs some serious updating. Anyways, I have here a set of classic toy figures that you might be familiar with, but for those who haven’t seen nor heard about them, this toy line was one of the hottest items that came out in the 1980’s and it was popularized based on the hit TV animated series, and I’m talking about the ‘He-Man and The Masters of the Universeaction figures.

These awesome toys from Mattel were a must-have item for kids back then and I too had my share of the He-Man craze along with my other friends and classmates who just couldn’t get enough of building their own collection until we finally reached our goal… and that is having the Castle Grayskull to top off everything and be the talk of the class, so to speak. Though I never got to have the Castle Grayskull in my personal collection but I did get to enjoy a number of He-Man action figures that I managed to buy (courtesy of my dad of course). I had of course He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, Trap Jaw, Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces, Beast Man, Merman and a lot more. But in the years that followed I somehow had forgotten all about them and it was only recently that I made some effort in finding them but to my big surprise, I only managed to find just a handful of them while getting totally clueless on the whereabouts of the other figures.

All that’s left of my He-Man collection were He-Man himself, Battle Cat, Man-E-Faces, a He-Man Battle Armor figure and an entire set of random weapons and armor for your He-Man figures. I wasted no time in getting their photos taken at once and here they are folks:

Classic He-Man with Battle Cat (a.k.a. Cringer)

An almost battered He-Man in Battle Armor

My Man-E-Faces action figure


6 thoughts on “He-Man, Battle Cat, Man-E-Faces and a lot of fond memories from the 80’s

    • Why thank you very much for the kind words my friend, I’m glad you appreciate my blog and my articles 🙂 have a nice day and hope to see you around again soon!

    • Thanks site… If you love what you’re doing and you put your heart into it then you’ll end up with satisfying results worth the time and effort you gave 🙂

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