Divisoria treasures: Bulla (Bra) and Yuna figures

I know this is kinda long overdue but I’ve still managed to take some time off in doing this article about these babies I purchased when I first got to discover the first wave of toy shops inside the 168 Mall in Divisoria. Upon seeing this particular corner shop I thought was already the place my friend told me where he bought this fairly big Astro Boy figure for Php 400 (around $9.00), but it turned out that it was just only one of the many toy shops thriving inside the establishment.

Pressed for time and all, I never wanted to leave the place without having to get myself some sort of “souvenir” as a token of my success in finding my first toy shop. So I began looking for something to buy among their goods on display, until I narrowed down my choices to two replica anime figures.

Bulla (Bra) replica figure from Dragon Ball Z

First up, I saw this nice gun-toting Bulla (Bra) bootleg figure from Dragon Ball Z and the shop was selling it for only Php 50 ($1.00 something), though it may be a replica but I love how the miniature figure was finely made. My second choice was this “chibi-ala-ragnarok” inspired figure of Yuna from Final Fantasy X. It is so small yet very cute, and getting it for only Php 40 (almost $1.00), it was surely a good find. I picked up the two figures from the display rack and handed over the money to the friendly Chinese lady shopkeeper tending the place and went home feeling like a winner!

A cute bootleg figure of Yuna from Final Fantasy X


9 thoughts on “Divisoria treasures: Bulla (Bra) and Yuna figures

    • Thanks man, since it was my initial attempt to successfully find a toy shop inside the 168 mall so I had to buy something as a “celebratory souvenir” so I bought three items and this Nami replica was one of them.

      You are more than welcome to share anything you want Redge, no need to rush my friend, yo can do it anytime you want πŸ˜‰ oh by the way, thanks man for liking my FB page, very much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon!

  1. No one can really stop a man when he wants something. That’s a good thing. I hope to one day visit 168 and hope to find also some souvenirs there. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about that mall. It’s about time I get to experience the scene there. It will be a blast i’m sure.

    Yes, indeed, I visited your fb page and liked it. It’s really a cool thing, you know, that thing you do. But I have to really absorb the vibe yet. It’s a good start for me, though. No rush.

    Someday I’ll really try toy photography. I’m stkoed just thinking about it. Experimenting certain stuff to get things right and to just let things be when I falter. lol

    Who knows what it may lead to. As you said right on, sometimes it’s all about creating your own thing, be it classy or cheap. As long as you enjoy the experience.

    For now, I’ll just have to collect the models for my future attempt at toy photography. lol

    It’s another day to be happy about. Happy hunting! Looking forward to your bargain hunts and the stories behind them.

    • That would be cool if you get to learn toy photography, it isn’t an expensive endeavor if you’re going to look at it because you don’t really need a DSLR camera for this hobby, a simple point and shooter is enough, the bottom line here is that in photography, all it takes is dedication, passion and an eye to get good photos. No matter how expensive your photography equipments are but you don’t have the eagerness and the heart to learn photography, it’s pointless. No need to rush it naman, if you have enough time to spare and you’re ready to boogie so to speak, then by all means πŸ™‚ and I guess you’re right, for now it would be best if you build up your collection first and if you’re ready, go for it my friend! πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it. I’m really dead serious in pursuing toy photography. I’ll be needing some tips for you once I get to own a camera, though. Soon!

        Thanks, man!

      • Thanks for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it. I’m really dead serious in pursuing toy photography. I’ll be needing some tips from you once I get to own a camera, though. Soon!

        Thanks, man!

      • No problem man, anytime! That would be awesome seeing you pursuing a hobby in toy photography, if you need any assistance or have any questions just hit me up a comment here or on Made in X, I’ll be glad to help. No need to rush the camera, if you have the extra moolah to spare then go, let’s take things one day at a time πŸ˜‰

  2. Bro, thanks for liking my post Rock and Roll Forever. It’s an honor for me.

    I was inspired to write it after reading a post the subject of which is music by one Bill Davis who, methinks, is a Caucasian who has been living in Palawan since 1981 and attempting to finish his novel.

    I dunno, but sometimes, I prefer black and white photos and the most unassuming poses. Sometimes it’s classy when it’s cheesy. lol

    • Thanks, bro. Thinking about the prospects of the future makes me appreciate the small things that I have now. I sure will seek your advice when I finally have my own camera. soon I guess.

      Looking forward to your future posts! Be a blessing!

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