The mystery of the unknown miniature bust figure–SOLVED!

Last January 14 I posted an article about this mysterious miniature bust figure I bought at a small toy shop in Metrowalk last year, it’s identity baffled me for quite some time and finding even a single clue on who this character might be has eluded me even with the help of the internet. Several anime titles and female characters crossed my mind but each one never seem to even closely fit the description. It was only a few days ago that I made a breakthrough on this case and I never felt so jubilant that particular moment!

I was doing a random search over Google for one of the articles I was writing and by some sheer coincidence I just clicked on one of the links there and to my big surprise, I saw this fairly small yet visible thumbnail of what seems to be exactly like the miniature bust figure I have only it was entirely painted in metal or silver.  I had this great feeling that I’m on to something… and when I read even further… voila! I’ve finally bagged the true identity of the mini bust figure…

It is a memorabilia figure of the Japanese World War 2 Tokusatsu movie “Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific” which starred Yuu Kashii as Paula Atsuko Ebner (The Iron Witch). This limited figure made by Kaiyodo was distributed by 7-Eleven Japan and was in circulation in 2005.

I was so thrilled with this discovery that I immediately informed my friend Adrian about it since he too has this figure and he couldn’t believe either that I somehow accidentally found out its identity … and the long, baffling mystery about this small yet intricately-made bust figure has been finally solved.

Memorabilia figure of The Iron Witch/Paula Atsuko Ebner (Yuu Kashii) from the Japanese WWII Tokusatsu movie "Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific"

The Iron Witch, Paula Atsuko Ebner (Yuu Kashii) gets ready for some combat action


7 thoughts on “The mystery of the unknown miniature bust figure–SOLVED!

  1. It’s really a delightful surprise when you get to solve a mystery which has evaded you for quite some time by a stroke of good fortune. Just when you were about to give up. Good job, Glenn!

    During my first visit ever at Anime Eztazion, I was also enthralled by a miniature bust figure which looks like a cyborg character — up to now I couldn’t make something out of it; Jun said he doesn’t know what character that is — but the said figure looks intricately crafted and really something out of the extraordinary. I didn’t buy it, though, because I was short on cash then. But I couldn’t get it off of my mind.

    With this blog about The Iron Witch, I found myself swearing for not buying that bust figure. Suddenly, I wanted again to visit Anime Eztazion.

    • Thanks Redge 🙂 that particular figure of The Iron Witch got me so intrigued about its identity ever since I got to purchase it around last year and it even came to a point that I was even asking people through my other articles that if they happen to know any information about this figure they could just leave a comment or something, unfortunately I never got any replies and in the end it was only me who got to solve the mystery, it was fate and sheer luck I guess, but it took months before I finally got some concrete answers.

      I hope the next time you visit Anime Eztazion that miniature cyborg bust figure is still there and pray that no one else gets to see it by accident . That is the only risk we’ll have to take since there are a lot of random toy collectors out there doing their own “bargain toy hunting” and they will literally travel to the far corners of the earth to search for good finds at really affordable prices. By the way, before I forget, let me tell you about this other toy shop inside Metrowalk that is also selling a good line of loose anime figures plus other stuff you might like, though I’m not sure if you already saw this shop but you might want to check it out as well.

      It’s located somewhere in the RTW section of Metrowalk, you won’t miss it because the very first thing that you’ll see is their glass display cabinet loaded with toy figures of all sizes, it was in that particular shop that I found and bought The Iron Witch miniature figure for 95 pesos. The shop has another glass display cabinet inside and they even have more interesting toy figures on display so you might want to give it a thorough check and who knows you might get to stumble upon a good find there. That is how I got to discover The Iron Witch figure lying silently on one corner of their display cabinet 🙂

  2. Whoa! There’s another toy store there? It really pays to be more adventurous. Hahaha

    It’s fun really. That thing you do. It took you months to unravel the mystery of that miniature bust figure. I could just imagine how agonizing that was. As agonizing as when something gets stuck between your teeth and you couldn’t just take it out. Hahaha. But when the mystery unfolded just before your very eyes, I could imagine waht that felt, too. Simply amazing.

    I will follow your advice and try to locate that other toy store. I’m going to Metrowalk again today. I remember Jun saying that today he has a new collection of toys and comics, fresh from the States. He said that he’ll be displaying first issues of comics today. I suddenly forgot all about it. I hope I get to grab a few good copies today and have a few reserved for future purchases. Hahaha

    It’s fun that I discovered blogging. I thought I’d just be writing here and have a repository for my writings for future references. And for my own eyes only. Well, no one one has subscibed yet to my blog. But what the hell… Hahaha.

    At least I get to do things on my own terms and get to learn from the experts and long-time enthusiasts. It’s really great when you get to meet people who let you in on their little secret or something. It makes you grateful that, indeed, there are still nice people around.

    Thanks again, Glenn.

    Mabuhay ka, kapatid!

  3. Chizuko Tagama says:

    great… I also have this figure, plus the one where in she’s sitting on her sub-seat with all those wiring. Trying to know what those figures are has been my problem for about 3 months until I searched google with this key words “anime girl bust figure” and then, viola… I t appeared to be be a movie and not an anime… LOL

    Unfolding a search mystery has always been fulfilling.


    • Sweet! I was able to get hold also of that Paula Atsuko Ebner figure on her sub-seat if I’m not mistaken a couple of months later from a different toy shop. And finding it was just purely by accident so I never took my chances and bought it right away to pair it off with the Paula Atsuko Ebner miniature bust figure. My friend said the same thing as well and he thought that the figure came from an anime series, but it turns out that the figures were based on Yuu Kashii’s character from the 2005 movie ‘Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific.’ I know how it feels to be able to solve an unknown toy figure’s identity and it is definitely worth the wait. Thanks for the comment, Chizuko and stay safe always. Mabuhay!

  4. Chizuko Tagama says:

    I am now on my 72% download of this 1.5gb “Lorelei” movie using BitTorrent, my internet speed is 2mbps but this movie hasn’t got a lot of seeders, so I only have about 2-9kbps DL speed from the source. Odd because according to some poles, this is the best Japanese movie of all time. I am excited to watch this movie ’cause I want to recreate the part of the submarine where Paula seats on her cockpit. I’m going to make it looks like a diorama or something. I’m not sure if Yuu Kashii really is the inspiration for this figure but if that’s the case, the sculptor is not that good because the figure looks better than the model (Yuu) LOL. I hope, I can accomplish my plan and post it here, or you might already created one Mekanda? If so, send me some pictures so I can get some points from it.


    • Hey Chizuko, I guess by now you’re done downloading Lorelei and most probably you’ve watched the entire movie. Honestly I was planning to download it too since I too am aware about its good reviews being a Tokusatsu movie and all but never got the chance since I’ve been busy doing other stuff. By the way, have you worked on the Paula Ebner diorama you’re planning to make? Never did any diorama for it and all I have are just the photos I took that I used for my blog posts here, though it would be nice if there was one and that would definitely look awesome! Hope you can come up with one and push through with the diorama plans, that would be neat! Anyways, thanks again for the comment Chizuko and hope to hear from you again soon.

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