Divisoria treasures: Sauron 12-inch bootleg figure

Looks can be really deceiving if you don’t pay attention to detail… and this is what exactly happened to me when my pal Adriel and I trooped to Divisoria when we thoroughly searched and finally discovered these wonderful toy shops in and around the area. But there was this one particular toy shop that made us drool from where we were standing as our eyes feasted with their wide array of toys and action figures being sold at relatively low prices. But what drove me crazy when Adriel whispered to me that he saw this 12-inch figure of Sauron from Lord of the Rings on display and it was only selling for Php 180! (roughly around $4.00)

At first glance you might think it’s the real deal but when you look closer and get the chance to hold it, you’ll know it’s just a replica (or a bootleg version) of the authentic Sauron figure, which also explains why his infamous black mace was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately I never got to bring extra cash and I’ve already bought enough stuff that day, so I decided to retreat for now and come back for the figure next time. A few days after I went back to the same store and immediately bought the bootleg Sauron figure. Here are some of the photo samples that I took:

12-inch Sauron bootleg figure on monochrome


2 thoughts on “Divisoria treasures: Sauron 12-inch bootleg figure

    • Good day The Monsters Brothers, thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I wasted no time in doing another check on the Sauron figure after reading your comment and somehow, I realized, I was too careless then to check the bottom of the foot for trademarks and to my surprise, I found both of its feet bearing the trademark stamping which read (on the right foot) © 2002 NLP, Inc. Marvel Ent. Inc, (on the left foot) Made in China. I did some researching as well over the internet and I found over eBay an exact figure being sold for almost $14.00 and the product details matched those of the figure I bought several weeks ago… I guess you guys were right all along, it might be that the Sauron figure I purchased for $4.00 was indeed a reject and probably not a bootleg toy as I previously thought. Thanks guys for the help and for the tip, I admit that I’m not quite familiar with the LOTR toy line and given the circumstances and the condition of the figure, I honestly had no idea that the Sauron figure is authentic… my bad. I will update this post as soon as I find the time to make amends for this boo-boo I made, but anyways, my sincerest thanks for everything and have a great day.

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